Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohio has pride

Just returned home from a great trip to , of all places, Ohio. Yes the Columbus, Ohio Pride Celebration.
The weather was a perfect 90 degrees and mostly sunny. Could not have asked for better. Which is more than can be said for Chicago, I hear. Columbus is an amazing city. It's very clean and modern. Anyone who looks down on Ohio, can come visit Detroit and think again.
The parade started a little slow but they seemed to group things together unlike Toronto that seems like it is first come, first march. One of the first groups to come through was the churches. Churches that accept people for who they are. Not who they say you should be. This banner was one of my favorites. It kind of says it all.   "Welcoming & Honoring ALL People... As God Intends"                             Sometimes, "Christians" can be a little Non-Christ-like. As we saw following the parade. They marked the last parade vehicle with a sign that read "The End" And then there were those angry "crazed Christians" that came shouting afterward that we are all going to hell. That last vehicle was a semi truck and it kept blasting it's horn to drown them out. And as that truck went through, the whole crowd got up and followed along to the end of the parade route, turning our backs to the haters.
We then had an amazing fun-filled day at Goodale Park with entertainment for everyone and vendors selling their wears. I found this guy, hanging out at one of the booths looking all cute, so I had my hubs take a photo of him and I together. I have been following Shannon's blog for years and it was great to see him in person. It's hard to believe he would come from Sydney AU, all the way to Columbus, OH for such an event. But, if someone wanted to pay me to fly around the world, I guess I'd have to kiss the dog good-bye for a few days. For those not familiar here is his blog.  

So we had a great time. Only got a little sunburnt.
Afterward, we spent the day checking out the Franklin Park Conservatory and the Columbus Zoo. The Conservatory has an amazing butterfly house and surrounding gardens. But, I think I'll save those shots for the next post.
Thanks for checking in and enjoying the Brighter side of the grave.


sophie said...

Great to see another Pride daddies will be taking me to our's soon in July.Haven't been there since 2007.

PhotosbyErich said...

Noticed the Methodist Church banner in the first photo! Glad to hear ya had a good trip, Stew.

Jabacue said...

Stew, Rubbing elbows(?) with celebs now, are we? Looked like a lot of fun. Interesting dynamic going on between the church groups....I just learned a thing or two.