Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Looking Forward To It

It's an exciting day here on the Brighter Side. This evening, my best friend will be flying in from Texas. We haven't seen each other in years. And emails and phone calls are not the same as hanging out with your best mate.

The circumstances of his visit are mixed though. We'd decided a month or so ago that he would be buying my car from me. We'd set a date of May first and decided that I would be driving the 23 hour trip to Southern Texas to deliver the car. And then I would fly home and pick up my new one. Then a couple of days ago the plan changed. His Great-Grandmother passed away here in Michigan and he wanted to attend her funeral. The visitation is Wednesday (tomorrow). So he is flying here tonight. He will then be taking the car back to Texas himself. While the passing of his 97 year old Great-Grandmother is sad, I am happy that he will have the nice car that he so deserves. And that he will be able to enjoy it so much, so fast.

Where I am having a problem is the fact that my new car doesn't seem to exist yet. The sales office is having trouble tracking one down with the options and color that I am demanding. (I always get what I want). 

The Pugsmobile
(with Pugs in the background)
I am looking forward to seeing my best friend, Jon, even if it is just for a day or so. And I am also looking forward to the new car. But we are testing my patience with locating the car. Last I heard, there is one in Illinois that they are trying to have transferred here. I am going to send out some positive thoughts for it's speedy arrival and that it hasn't already been sold like the one they thought they found yesterday.

These of course are photos of the old Pugsmobile for Jon. It's a great car Jon, enjoy. I've always considered the S that is all over it to be a monogram of sorts. Even though it stands for Suzuki, I've always said it stands for Stew.


Jim said...

Nice car you are giving up Stew! Are you getting the same make for your new one? Enjoy the time you have with Jon.

Stew said...

I am getting something completely different.
It will be the same color. They are having trouble getting that color for me.
I will post the new one when it arrives.
Until then my transportation just might have 10 gears and two wheels.(Unless I start driving the hearse around town)

Jack said...

Tell Jon I said HI!!! I hope your new set of wheels gets it butt here soon!

Mitch Block said...

Wow, the "old" Pubsmobile looks brand new. And, by the way, that "S" will forever in my mind stand for "Stew"!

John Gray said...

enjoy each other!!!
true best friends are as rare as hen's teeth!

Stew said...

Jon's new car is really 8 years old. I take good care of my things.
The S will forever remind him of where he got it.

Stew said...

Just cause hen don't have teeth, doesn't mean they don't bite sometimes. But it's those "bites" that make the friendship stronger.

oneSAHDdude said...

Glad you're getting to see your best bud, Stew! I'm sure he needs a good friend by his side this week more than usual.

If you're having trouble with the dealer I may actually know a guy who works at the one on Hall Rd. He's an underemployed architect, not a typical sales guy. Drop me a email if you want his info. OF course, if it takes long enough the 2013 TURBO model will be out. Did I mention TURBO :-)