Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I heard a story once in the Orient about two architects who went to see the Buddha.
They had run out of money on their projects and hoped the Buddha could do something about it.
"Well, I'll do what I can" said the Buddha and he went off to see their work.
Michigan's Mackinac Bridge,
connecting the Upper and Lower Peninsulas...
a night time storm.
The first architect was building a bridge and the Buddha was very impressed.
"That's a very good bridge" he said and he began to pray. 
Suddenly, a great white bull appeared, carrying on it's back enough gold to finish construction.
"Take it," said the Buddha, "and build even more bridges."
And so the first architect went away happy.

The second architect was building a wall, 
and when the Buddha saw it he was equally impressed.
"That's a very good wall," he said solemnly, and began to pray.
Suddenly the sacred bull appeared again, 
walked over to the second architect, 
and sat on him!

Tearing down the Berlin Wall.

Daily we make choices. Choices to build bridges of friendship and love or walls of hatred and greed.
What are you building today?



Jim said...

I was across the Mackinac Bridge a few times. It is a spectacular bridge.
Bridges are a lot friendlier than walls.

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

bridges...always bridges.

well...sometimes i might build a wall around myself...but that's not out of hatred or greed...

happy tuesday!