Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My office window faces the East. This is a deliberate placement of most the windows in my home. I chose this because the morning is my favorite time of day. On almost any given day, I observe and value the sunrise and marvel at it's beauty.

The morning sunrise to me represents a rebirth. A beginning to something potentially wonderful. In contrast, a person might enjoy an equally beautiful sunset. The difference to me is that a sunset marks the end of the day and leaves you with darkness. Whereas a sunrise leaves you with  warmth and light.

As I prepare to go off and hear another service reflecting on another life, I can't help but to notice the representation that the sunset has on a funeral service. It can be very sad indeed. As we say good bye to someone that we loved though, I know that my glorious sunrises in the morning would not be possible if there were no sunsets. Each life lived brings with it the possibilities for even greater things in the future. In my opinion, we have everyone that lived before us to thank for what we have today.

The photo above was taken, as I typed this from my computer. The colors lasted but mere minutes. But it was a beautiful birth to what will be a wonderful day. Enjoy.

I'll leave you with this thought today...
Your value to people is who you are. With all your silly quirks, they are waiting for you.


John Gray said...

If I wasn't such a grumpy bastard in the morning, I think I would Love the "feeling" of that part of the day!

MorningAJ said...

Gorgeous sky. I love the light in the mornings. It can be amazing.