Thursday, July 4, 2013

Boston Proud

I know it seems like I've left you all hanging about our trip and all the adventures we had along the way.  Since our return, I've been reaping the rewards of the past 6 months of work promoting our business and thus have enjoyed our best month of sales since we started leasing hearses to area funeral homes. If the last two weeks are any hint of what we can expect for future sales, things are looking good.

To complicate things a little more, I am working with an old laptop computer that has it's good days and it's bad days. My Chromebook is limited as to what it can do and I have no photo editing software to put together the amazing video footage that I recorded on our trip. I would use my tablet but I have no way of getting the photos and video on to it. It's been a challenge with both equipment and time but I will not give up. I have been composing stories on my smartphone as well but can not seem to transfer them anywhere but to my cars in-dash computer. Electronics have taken over my life!

Just yesterday I was sitting at my desk and was asked if I could chauffeur the limousine for a concert. I looked up on my computer when the concert is. I picked up my tablet to enter the time into my calendar. Just then I received a text on my smartphone and then the phone rang in the office. The director turned and looked at me holding 4 electronic devices at the same time and I simply looked up and smiled.

So, when we left off, we'd been strolling around Boston absorbing all the history that surrounded us. It was Ed's birthday this day. And quite a big milestone of a birthday too. So we planned the whole trip in celebration of said birthday and everything was a little over the top. This day happened to fall on Boston's Gay Pride parade day. The parade began back at the finish line for the Boston marathon and ended at city hall.

Appropriately, there were rainbow flags flying at many churches and businesses alike. There was also one flying at city hall itself.
It wouldn't be a parade if it didn't bring out all sorts of fun people.
We found ourselves a nice spot next to a cemetery to observe the parade. We couldn't think of a better place for the two of us to hang out for a few hours and celebrate being who we are than right here leaning against a church yard fence.
Having been to Toronto's pride in diversity parade, we found this to be a little tame. Even political to an extreme. But everyone had a great time all the same.
Afterward, we bellied up to the bar at Hard Rock Cafe for a refreshing beverage before heading back out to explore some more.
We did a little exploring (aka: got lost) and found these interesting graves.
"Exploring" will reveal the most incredible views sometimes.
Evening found us down by Faneuil Hall and the Long Warf with some time to kill.
We booked a Ghost and Gravestone tour after dark.
So we hung out waterside and waited for the evening's entertainment.
We then boarded a trolley looking bus and were driven around the city visiting graveyards and hearing ghostly tales of some of Boston's darker side.
The guides were all in character all the time playing parts of people that had been murdered for their own bad behavior.
Once again, we found ourselves in very old grave yards in the middle of the night.
It was well past midnight when we strolled through the public gardens and back to Copley Square and our hotel to prepare for the rest of our journey to begin the next day. We were delighted to see that even the top of this building was lit in rainbow l.e.d. lights. It's so nice to see a city be so accepting of all of it's residents and guest.

It's a city that's been burned one too many times trying to be the nice guy. But still, they carry on with their heads high. They pay tribute to those that have fallen. They celebrate the diversity that makes up such a great city. And they are very careful; checking unattended bags and watching the crowds for suspicious acting people. I am so glad that we made Boston the start to this years adventure. I'm in love with yet another city. I'll be back Boston. I'll be back.


MorningAJ said...

Thanks for another look around Boston. I'm so glad you like the place. I really think it's my favourite US city/town.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip!

Ms Sparrow said...

Sounds like a really fun vacation. Nice the business is going well too!

Jim said...

Love that 'high-rise' shot Stew!! Now there is a lot of history in that great city! And you guys were in heaven!!

Stew Adams said...

I do love my history.
All these shots are taken with my tiny camera with no retouching.