Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dinner on the Raft

Or at the Raft, I should say.
I've been driving past The Raft for more than 25 years. Most would say "It's the best burger around" and others say "That's the worst burger around".

It was another amazing day here in Michigan and I was done with work. Since I no longer have to rush over to take care of Dad, I find myself looking for things to do after work.

I decided that I was going to try a Raftburger.

The restaurant/bar is not actually on a raft but it does sit on a swampy piece of land called St.John's Marsh.

The marsh is a beautiful place to observe wild life that includes cranes, swans, geese and more frogs than you could ever imagine. Unlike Florida, we don't have to worry about gators. Only the occasional snapping turtle. You could take a canoe and get lost in all the tall weeds for days.

But this day was all about the burgers at The Raft. Turns out, they were delicious! I will certainly be back. The sunset was amazing, the service was outstanding. They have a large outdoor area for games and entertainment. And an extensive drink menu with lots of beer on tap.

If you find yourself in the marsh and don't know what to do. Stop in at The Raft. You won't be sorry.


MorningAJ said...

What amazing photos. I don't think I'd care what the food was like with a view like that. Having good burgers is a bonus.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

no photo of the burger? i'll use my imagination! beautiful setting for sure!

Stew Adams said...

Good food is always a bonus. But, now you see why I live where I do.

Stew Adams said...

Since I go for the beef and not all the toppings, my burger looks pretty plain. But it's the taste and the atmosphere that create the best burger around. Not the look.

Jim said...

Are you sure you don't have shares in this place Stew? If you don't they should hire you!
Don't you just love finding that perfect spot where you can get a great burger.

Stew Adams said...

I guess it does sound like a commercial. But honest, I have never and will never make a penny off this blog.
It is great when you find a place where you feel comfortable and my momma taught me to share.

John Gray said...

The second photo is lovely

Ms Sparrow said...

Sounds like a neat place to visit!