Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Now, I know that a cryogenisist is a person who studies the effects of things under extreme cold temperatures. That being said, it was entertaining to listen to the minister go on about cryogenics.

His point was near lost about how the deceased person was in a better place. Because he was going on about how there are some people that just don't want to leave this body or earth for that matter. He's describing to the family and friends of this departed person that there are rich people that lay on thier death beds with a button next to them. When they feel that they are about to die, they push this button and "doctors" rush in to freeze them solid. So they might be unfrozen at a later point when a cure has been found for whatever it is that they are about to die from. He even went on to say that there are some that go as far as to be decapitated and thier head or brain is stored in a glass jar until a suitable body donor can be found. At this point we're all thinking about the show Futurama with all these talking heads in jars.

His point again was that the deceased was in a better place. And of course he followed it up with a round of "If you are not saved yet, please see me after the service". Since you have a captive audience, may as well try to convert a few.

One has to wonder if this was a rehursed speach or if he was making it up as he went along. Where do they come up with it?

Then out at the cemetary, we were graveside under a tent when a gust of wind blew. The tent billowed and the tent pole popped right apart and almost decapitated the minister. Thought we were going to have to put his head in a jar.

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