Thursday, July 8, 2010

A little sweet tea on a hot day

Another hot one today. Now, having spent the better part of my summers growing up on a farm in Arkansas, I find this weather quite enjoyable. From what I hear, that's not what everyone else in Michigan says. Today, so far it's 93f outside and not a cloud in the sky. From my youth, I know to dress appropriately, don't try to do too much and stay hydrated. So, of course I had a funeral today. I started out in the parking lot directing traffic in my nice black suit then out to the cemetery. Everyone was complaining. I was just thankful that we didn't have snow on the ground and a cold north wind cutting through me. I get enough of those days and still do it with a smile on my face. After the funeral, I came home to some of my favorite flowers of summer in full bloom in the yard. I've always had a thing for daisies. I don't know why.Perhaps it's because after 15 years of trying to grow them, they finally took. This is the second year for these little fellas.
The tiger lilies come from my mother's garden. And like tiger lilies do, they have taken over everywhere. Sometimes we yank them out by the roots just because enough is enough.Then there is these little day lilies. I ordered these from a catalog right after having my house built 16 years ago and mysteriously, they can now be found at most of my neighbors home gardens as well. It's not like I can even notice where they took them from anyway. And I see it as helping to beautify the community.

Even on a day that is over 90 degrees, I love to share my little corner of the universe with everyone. And it just doesn't seem so hot sipping iced tea under the shade of the maple tree that I planted from seed eight years ago and is now over 30 feet tall. Not bad for used up farm land that nothing will grow on.
It's true, it is too hot to do the work that I need to do on the exterior of the house. But, take it from this little half southern boy, "I'll get roundtoit, want yer tea sweet?"


Jabacue said...

I won't go to what I thought you the end. I swear I get dyslexic!

Beautiful pics of flowers Rick. Daisies always remind me of my teenage years....'she (at the time) loves me, she loves me not....'
Think I'll go get some iced tea.

AJ-OAKS said...

Yes, thank you, I like my tea sweet.
Beautiful pics. Lillies are so pretty.

Stew said...

@Jabacue - now you've got me curious what you thought it said.
To tell the truth, I don't think I'd understand half the stuff we used to say back then in the foothills of the Ozarks. I remember as a kid that spent time in Michigan and Arkansas, my language was all mixed up and nobody could understand me.

JustinO'Shea said...

Hey Stew-Boy. . .love your blog. . your place looks great. . .and.. a 30' maple in 8 years! WoWzzer, what's in the soil?! haha

Very litely sweetened tea. . .green tea with ginsing and honey. . . aaaaahhhhh.

A tad cooler here off the ocean. . .hehe. . but lots of humidity. . .not much planned so far. . just lettin' it unroll. . . .ciao ~~~justin

Stew said...

I'm not telling what's in the soil. All I'll say is you better pay your funeral bill.
I'll have the tea waiting for you... just the way you like it.