Sunday, August 1, 2010

Poetic Sunday - Last Impression

Today I'm sharing a poem penned by one of my favorite nieces, Robyn.
I think it really shows her own personality, and I'm quite proud of her talents.

Feeling a bit stiff today
Provincetown, MA cemetery
Woke up on my back
So I decided just to stay
Because movement I lack

Enjoy the softness of my bed
My sheets are made of satin
My pillow under my head
Filled with cotton battin'

And though my eyes are closed
I stare up at the sky
I'm wearing my favorite clothes
And I am not sure why

All around me I hear voices
Some are happy some are sad
They keep talking to me of choices
And of a life I've had

I want to get up and tell them
Please just leave me alone
Quit singing that old anthem
And just all go home

And then someone closed the lid
They all walk away
And my memory is hid
And buried under clay


AJ-OAKS said...

Wow. That is a great poem. :) Should be published for sure.
That graveyard/cemetary looks old.

Stew said...

That would be St.Peters cemetery in Provincetown.

Jabacue said...

Boy, that was terrific. Very talented niece you have Stew. The pics are great too. Where in P'town is that cemetery? I don't remember seeing it there?

Stew said...

It's pretty much right next to the Pilgrim monument. You'd have to be a cemetery geek to get some of the shots that we did. From the street it looks pretty flat and boring. It's also where we go the shot of the parking meter. Like you Jim, I'm always looking for a different angle on things.