Friday, February 24, 2012

Aurora Borealis

This, is truly the brighter side of the grave.
Shawn Malone does LakeSuperiorPhoto from the Northern shores of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He takes some amazing photos and now has given us this video.
It not only shows the Northern Lights but if you watch the stars, you can see the rotation of the earth from such a Northern place. And there's the occasional shooting star that you are free to wish upon if you'd like.


Jim said...

WOW! Stew, this is beautiful! Would love to see this phenomenon up close.
Thanks , and Ron just posted it on FB.

Stew said...

I'm surprised that you haven't seen this in Nova Scotia.
It's rare but we see it from time to time even in Southern Michigan.
It is something you never forget.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

wOw! beautiful!!
something i would LoVE to see in person!!