Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I'm not big on holidays, so instead of the typical 'be thankful' kind of post from me, I'll give you a little story of one of my days recently. I do hope that the Americans reading this are enjoying their holiday though.

Every morning for the past week, I have awoken to intense fog.
I am renaming November as
 'the foggy season'.
But let me tell you about one foggy day in particular.
On Saturday, the funeral home where I work part time is open from 9am until 2pm. Here you can see my drive into work that day. Let's keep in mind that here in Michigan, deer hunting season has just started. So you have not only the threat of unruly drivers on the road, but the hunters spook the deer to run right out in front of you. Add to that this thick fog and it can be somewhat nerve wracking to drive for any length of time.
Here I am approaching the end of the freeway. At this point, I am on a bridge and the approach ramp for the bridge to Canada is on my left. You can faintly see the post that holds the sign that hangs above the freeway that reads 'Canada Only'. I have to wonder how many people accidentally went to Canada that day.
 The temperature was just below freezing. So the fog actually froze to the backside of my heated mirrors on my car during the drive.
After putting in my time working the office during the day, I was about to close up shop and head for home when the phone rang. It was a man informing me that his father had died that morning and they wanted us to handle the funeral. I  sympathized with his loss and started to take down all the vital information. We wonder each year who will get the first deer hunting casualty. And it looks like this year, we won. The man had gotten his deer sometime in the night and was dragging it back to his car when he had a heart attack and died. His friends found him in the morning. After the coroner had released the body, it was transported to an area funeral home where it was being embalmed and prepared for the trip home. 

The funeral home was a three hour drive from where I was. So I jumped in the van and headed out. 

 It was a beautiful evening for the drive and I really didn't mind it at all. I reached the other funeral home just after sunset. After loading up the van with all his hunting gear, I swung into my brother's house and drug him out to dinner. I don't get a chance to see him much and had to drive right past the town that he lives in. So it only made sense to stop and catch up a little. Sometime during dinner, my brother told me there was a news report of someone having a heart attack while hunting and he wondered if I'd heard that report.
 Then it was back in the van for the long drive back to the funeral home. The deer population in that area is greater than the human population and they seemed to be lounging on the side of the road everywhere. Maybe they feel safer around the speeding cars than in the woods with the hunters.
 After dropping the deceased off back at work, I headed home. I looked over at the gas station just off the freeway. There was a low laying cloud...aka fog, hovering just above the station and the green, blue and red lights steaked across the night sky and resembled the northern lights. I remember thinking how beautiful it was. Then, as I refocused my attention to the road ahead of me, this is what I saw.

And this is moments later. That car is still there. Somewhere. Over and over, the car in front of me would hit their brakes as they entered the next wall of fog and seconds later, would disappear altogether. This would happen every mile or so and it is only a 35 mile drive. Finding exits and keeping track of where other drivers were was quite the challenge. Even trying to ascertain where I was, was a challenge. So I put on my foghat for the slow ride and took it easy.

I was so glad to pull into my driveway at home, walk in the door and see my dog Pugsley. Even though I had been gone all day, he was so happy to see me. This fog has been like this every day for a week and it's getting old. It certainly isn't a place for someone with claustrophobia or hair like mine that frizzes with the slightest bit of humidity.


Ms Sparrow said...

Two weeks ago, we were returning to the Twin Cities after a funeral and had fog most of the way. It makes for a really tense trip especially when you have fools racing past at high speeds when you can't even see where the road is! Thank goodness for the white lines on the outside of the lanes.

Stew said...

For the most part people have been pretty smart about the speeds. You just have to worry about the people that stop or go too slow and don't take your eyes off the "road?"

That corgi :) said...

We get thick fog like that at times down here; it is eerie too drive through it or attempt to drive for it. And I don't think anyone slows down here :(

Interesting with the heart attacks and hunting season; sort of like after the first snowstorm with people shoveling

However you spend your day tomorrow, Stew, I hope it is a nice one!


laura.forestdreams:) said...

once in a while we get a thick fog here. but if it should be FOG + DARKNESS, i might just have to stay put. i have a hard enough time driving in the dark...add thanks!
but like you say, it is kind of strange how the deer seem to congregate along the roadside in the dark...maybe, like me, they just don't see too well in the dark and so they go for a little headlight now & then!

i'm not much of a holiday person myself...except for Halloween...i'm in that spirit all year long. but we'll have a nice quiet day today...sam will do the traditional deep fried turkey...his mom will be here & one of my 2 sons.

OH yeah, almost forgot...congrats on catching the first deer hunting season fatality! :/

have a nice THANKful day...whatever u do!

MorningAJ said...

We've not had much fog - but the rain was heavy enough a couple of days ago that we were doing about 20 miles an hour on the motorway (freeway) because you couldn't see more than a few feet in front of you. It was tough. And they say there's more to come soon.....

Drive safely!

Stew said...

At least my hunter got his deer first. It's good to die doing what you love.

Halloween lives year round in my office at home too. And since that room doubles as my guest room, no one ever stays over night.

Stew said...

Wow! I've heard it rained a lot in England but that's crazy.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Your photos make the fog look beautiful to me, but I would hate to be driving in it. I did that a couple of times! However, I do wish I had hair to frizz!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

halloween lives year round here too...with my few favorite 'skulls' and 'mr bones' who hang around all year long...waiting patiently for their friends to 'come out of the closet' NEXT year! ha!