Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A few weeks ago, a photo blog that I follow had a theme for the week of windows. As people submitted their entries of different windows in their life, I thought of the windows in my life and the views that I have out those windows.

I'll start here with a view out the van window as I traveled up the state to pick up a body a few weeks ago.
 Then there is the windows that we just had replaced in the house we just sold. (There was a headache and a half)
 At least once a week, I get to enjoy some sort of stained glass windows in various churches that I visit.
 Most will have depictions of Jesus or some other saint. I just can't bring myself to photograph them for some reason.
I like these better.
 I always like this one. It is cut out of a door that leads to the sanctuary of a local church that is about 120 years old.
 A close up of the leading of that cross window (during a funeral service, of coarse)

Then there's one of my favorites. During a procession to the cemetery, as we pass beneath the Blue Water Bridges that cross the St.Clair River at the foot of Lake Huron from the United States to Canada.
Another of my favorites. This is taken from inside the cemetery chapel, looking out over the grave yard.

I know the quality of these photos is not the best. They were each taken with my phone upon a moments notice when I felt inspired. Usually trying to hide that I was taking pictures or even while driving.

I hope you've enjoyed the view from my windows.


Jim said...

Loved these views and the photos! The Blue Water Bridges is quite the structure!

Stew said...

The original bridge was built in the 50's. The second span was built within the last 15 years. Many locals helped to build one span or the other. With a park that runs along the river front up to the lake, we often lead processions along there and under the as a tribute to them. Plus it's just really kewl.

MorningAJ said...

What a great idea. I might watch out for my windows over the next couple of weeks. I like the simple cross one.

Anonymous said...

I Love this idea! I feel some inspiration coming on ;)... What photo blog?