Monday, January 14, 2013

A Fitting Tribute

Pugsley wondering what happened to all the snow
Green, green grass of home. At least for a couple of days. The January thaw has come and now gone, just as fast. It provided time enough to run outside and take down the Christmas lights. And Pugsley certainly enjoyed a roll in the grass. All the snow melted almost as fast as it fell not so long ago.

A fitting cover for Ricks service folder
It's been a wild week here. Being that I work at the funeral home where we had my brother-in-laws funeral, I was on both sides of the planning. And since it was a service like no other (the only way he'd have it) the directors let me do anything that I wanted. He was cremated ahead of time and we had his ashes present for the visitation and service. It was fully catered and we had live music. A half hour of story telling came before the actual service began. Stories of the many pranks that he pulled and trouble that he got himself into were a hit. But also shared was his loving nature and care for all things living and of course, trains. My favorite reverend (Max) had so much fun with the memorial service. Afterward, we were approached  by many attendees and told of how much they enjoyed what we had done for such an incredibly unique man.

Rick would be one to remind you that the kind of energy that you give, is the kind of energy that you'll receive. Also that time and space, the stars at night, the earth under your feet, the lakes, the rivers and everything that the universe offers, is yours. Yes, it's all yours. Take care of it and share it with everyone that you meet and even more will be given to you.

Edward took great care in sorting through many of Ricks things in the days after his departure. Surrounding Rick's ashes contained in the wooden box in the center of the table is only a sampling of the items that he collected. Things that brought him great joy.


MorningAJ said...

What a wonderful service it must have been. I love the display of his things in the bottom photo. He clearly had a respect and understanding of the value of old things than many people don't.

Thanks for sharing this, Stew.

Admin said...

Sorry to hear the sad news. Hopefully Edward is doing OK.


Stew said...

To Rick, there was no such thing as junk. If I showed a picture of one of his shacks, you'd think it was all trash. But in his trash are many, many treasures from days gone by. All of it covered in a few layers of dust, soot, smoke and spider webs with some dog hair scattered on top. To him, it made it even more beautiful.

Stew said...

There have been many ups and downs in the past two weeks. We know it was for the best. We knew it was coming. It's still difficult. And the clean-up project will be a long process with even more emotions thrown in on top.

laura.forestdreams:) said...


and i'm sure Rick was there...smiling...and giving you all hugs, even if you couldn't feel it at the time.

you know...prob better than rough times like this can be, even if you're expecting it. edward is lucky to have YOU...your support & extra hugs!

Stew said...

I have delivered every hug that folks have told me to. Eddy thinks I'm just making people up now, I've given him so many.