Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Betta Change

Matt arrived home after attending an early movie with his best friend, flipped on his computer and fed Wanda, his bright blue betta fish. Matt loved Wanda very much. OK, so Matt didn't know that bettas sold in the stores were usually male. However, he loved the name Wanda for a fish. And who's to say Wanda wasn't a transgender fish? Matt imagined that Wanda loved him, because when she saw him, she always came to the top of the water. Matt knew Wanda was only after food, but it felt nice to think she was happy to see him.

"You lonely, Wanda? I know how you feel. However you don't have much choice; you're just too mean to have a roommate. Who would be stupid enough to put up with you? I guess we're both destined to be alone."
Matt went on to find himself something to eat then sat down to his computer with Wanda staring over his shoulder.

How many people do you know like this? Are you like this yourself? We build walls around us and box ourselves into our little world with our routines to carry us through. We push people away, not even realizing that we are doing it.

If we really want to share our lives with someone, we need to open up and let someone in. Even for those of you that are coupled already, have you become closed to new things in your life? Are you too comfortable with the walls that you have built around you?

It's really stepping outside my comfort zone but if there is one resolution that I have made this year, it is to try at least one new thing each week. Something that I've never done before or maybe something that I tried at a younger age and didn't like. Once a week, I'll step outside my box and look around. I may share these things with you along the way or I may chose to keep them for myself. This week, I tried my hand at a little short fiction. I hope you liked it. Hopefully, I will spark something new in each of you as the year progresses.


Jim said...

Well done stew! I like stories with a lesson to learn.
I have always tried to keep my mind open to new things over the years and I know what you mean about getting settled into a routine and becoming too cozy.

Stew said...

Thank you sir. That means a lot coming from you.
We'll see where all these new things take me....

MorningAJ said...

I love the pun in the title Stew!

Odd, but for a couple of years now I've been trying to avoid doing the same old stuff. I've tried cooking new things, mostly. I recently discovered sweet potatoes (yes I know you Trans-Atlantic types have been eating them for years!) This weekend I found a recipe on the BBC website for sweet potato falafels. So that was TWO different things. It's a small change, but it WAS a change!

Stew said...

Perhaps with the spices mixed in, the sweet potatoes would be alright. I have always been hypersensitive and find most vegetables unpalatable. All though you'd think sweet potatoes would be sweet, I find them very bitter. Mom used to put honey on them for me. But I still couldn't stand them.