Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Triumph !

On my mind today is the people stranded on the Carnival Cruise ship, Triumph, in the Gulf of Mexico. With limited power on board and many luxury services  halted, these poor people are stuck out on the seas. Food is being rationed and there are lines at the restrooms. One woman reports having to eat an onion and cucumber sandwich. People with cabins that do not open onto the sea air, are pitching tents on the top deck to avoid the sweltering heat down below.
The problem started with an engine fire that was quickly extinguished. It did however, cause a loss of power and the ship is operating on emergency generators and is virtually dead in the water. Drifting slowly to the North, it was decided to continue that path with the help of a couple of tow boats to get it to port in Alabama. The situation is far from ideal. For some, this vacation is something that they have saved for years to be able to afford. Now, being stranded at sea, they will have to change travel plans and possibly be late returning to work. No one would ever want to be in their shoes.
As I plan my big vacation this year, I have to recognize that I am booked on a Carnival Cruise. On the ship that replaced the one that is stranded at sea.
This year, my Eddy is celebrating a rather large birthday. A milestone, without a doubt. So in celebration of reaching this point in life, we decided to take yet another cruise. This time, we will be starting our trip in Boston, Massachusetts. We'll be visiting ports north of there in Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. I won't give too many details at this point, just to keep you in suspense. But I must say that we are both looking forward to the trip. Along the way we will be meeting up with new friends and old. And putting faces and voices to some Internet friends too. We'll experience some thrills and get some much needed rest.
To relate that to the ill-fated ship in the Gulf, no matter what happens, I know we'll make the best of our trip. I also recognize that we will be traveling in the same waters that the SS Titanic was traversing back in 1912. And I am confident in modern technology to get me home safely. I know that if anyone on that ship was in real danger, the US Navy and Coast Guard would be there in an instant to save them. Is it uncomfortable? Yes, I think it must be. Is anyone in any danger? NO! Only inconvenienced. I hope that they arrive in Alabama sooner than expected and all in good spirits. And a note to anyone on that ship; if any of you don't want your free travel vouchers, email me and we'll work out a trade.


MorningAJ said...

I hadn't heard about the cruise ship. I was only saying to K the other day that I wouldn't mind going on a cruise somewhere (Norway coast appeals to me).

Boston is wonderful - I LOVE the place. Will you get chance to do any of Cape Cod on the way? Or are you flying up (over) there? I did a road trip through New England many moons ago (15-ish years in fact) but I loved Maine too. And we called in at Portsmouth NH along the way. I hope you have a fantastic time.

(I bet the birthday isn't as large as you think. Not unless the two of you are MUCH older than you look!)

Jim said...

Yes, too bad for those people on that ship. They must be beyond themselves. That happened on a plane years ago with being stranded on the tarmack for hours. Not pretty at all.
I have come to realize that travelling on ships, planes and trains one has to cross one's fingers and hope for the best. We are left in the hands of others......who mostly do a great job.
I can see your concern Stew but remember that it's a very small percent of mishaps when you think of the number of flights, and cruises.
You both will have a trip to remember. How could you not! Nova Scotia is one of your stops!! lol

Unknown said...

We did the Cape a few years ago and loved it. This time around we'll be exploring Boston before boarding the ship.
And you'd be surprised how old we are.

Unknown said...

Part of traveling like that is letting go and giving someone else control. It can be liberating until something goes wrong.
I think Nova Scotia will be the highlight of the trip, provided we get some good tour guides.

fromsophiesview said...

You need a tour guide, do you!?! Sophie will take you to the doggy park, The Three Dog Bakery and did I tell you, the doggy park?!! SHe is very good a meet and greets....licking every part...sometimes a bit embarrassing.
Listen everything will be OK and don't get all worried.
Maybe a Plan B is in order...rent a car and drive the New England coast...we love it!


Unknown said...

I love doggy parks!

I do love to drive too. But, driving the coast is not an option. Too many distractions. I once spent 4 weeks trying to get to Nevada by car. I was lost in Colorado for days.
That's why the last two trips were in the dark of night. I couldn't see all the kewl things waiting for me to discover outside my car window.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love and appreciate this big beautiful world?

Admin said...

Sounds like a great adventure. Take lots of pictures.