Monday, February 18, 2013


No, I'm not going to start quoting text from the Bible here. From time to time though, I plan on revealing a little more about me. About how I've come to love and appreciate the world that we all live in.
I find the spam comments that I know we all get to be annoying. Blogger does a great job of keeping most of them from ever hitting the comment section. But still, daily I am checking a few of them just to make sure that my readers do not have to be subjected to them. It's so annoying that I've even contemplated eliminating the blog.
I'll publish some of my thoughts and get bombarded again with more spam comments. It really makes me want to stop. But then I think of the great readers and commenters that are honestly reading and commenting  their true opinions. I love to inspire thought. And I enjoy being able to use this format for sharing my life with friends and total strangers. But a couple of days will go by and I won't have posted anything. It's not that I don't have entertaining things to say. It's just a matter of forming new habits. Habits that don't include sitting down and typing.
 As Albert Einstein once said, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."  This is the time of year when many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, find ourselves with a touch of cabin fever. It's rare that we get to go outside and do the things we love. And even inside, we tend to find ourselves curled up with a favorite blanket and a remote rather than doing something productive. These writing exercises are more productive and challenging than many of you may even know because I have been affected by dyslexia since I was a child. So when I start getting into one of those habits of not blogging, it seems to perpetuate.

I start to notice in my everyday life that words and numbers start to look more like what you see here....

So you see, writing to you all and even reading your blogs, is a challenge for me. A challenge that I accept with open arms. I see my condition as a gift. I am able to overcome this challenge by doing some simple exercises with my eyes and brain. Things that I know the average person never has to deal with. And by simply reading things on a daily basis, I know that I have accomplished more than most. That makes me feel pretty darn good.
And you all know that I love to share all the crazy things that happen here.
I plan to keep moving. Moving forward, expanding the content and opening up more about the world that I see. The world that I live in. The world that I appreciate probably more than I should.
So spammers or not, this blog lives on. Lives on, on The Brighter Side, of the Grave.


That corgi :) said...

It seems the biggest offenders of spam comments are annonymous comments. I've gotten a rash of them lately which like you said Blogger is good about picking up, but it is still annoying to check to see if they are posted on my blog. I'm almost ready to set my settings not to allow annoymous comments, but I'll never go to word verification or comment moderation.

I would imagine it has to be hard to deal with dyslexia. Letters "stay" in place for me, but I can't imagine the frustration if they didn't. I commend you, Stew, for keeping to pursue writing and reading!


MorningAJ said...

I had no idea that you had dyslexia. As a fervent reader and writer I have no idea how I'd cope if I couldn't do both with ease. (On the other hand I have the number equivalent. You can read out a phone number to me, I can say it back to you as I write it down, but I still have a completely wrong number on the paper. I find it doesn't stop me doing anything, so I don't think I've ever let it worry me. Just don't ask me to help you with your business accounts!)

As for the spam. They say you can sort a lot of it by stopping anonymous comments. It won't stop it all. Sometimes something weird happens and I get somebody in my 'follow' list that I have never heard of, and it takes a bit of effort to get rid of their posts.

I don't think you'll deter many (if any) of your supporters if you just block anonymous commenting. I'd hate to think you would disappear because it got so tricky to deal with.

Stew Adams said...

Reading and writing gives me a sense of accomplishment so I will not walk away from it. It just bothers me that these spammers seem to take it for granted and prey upon people the way they do. If they truly have a good product or service then it will sell itself without having to annoy people.

Jim said...

Hi Stew.
For the last 13 years of my teaching career I worked with kids ages 10 to 19 that had learning difficulties. They had average and above average intelligence but were born with a slightly different set of 'wires' due to genetics or a birth trauma.
In any case these kids for the most part had talents and strengths as good as and sometimes way ahead of their peers who seemingly had no learning difficulties.
Funny that you quoted you may know he too had a learning disability. And look what he achieved!! as did a lot of very 'famous' people.
I came to believe that we all are and have some sort of learning difficulty and have our strengths that we rely on to get us through.
I do appreciate the struggle that you have had with this....I can't imagine the nightmares you have had in our society particularly in school.

Spammers.....most of mine go to spam file....the others I delete and really don't give them much thought! Maybe I should as Ron suggests. I just don't get worked up too much about them. we will always have 'spammers' in this world.....always have even before computers.
Have a great day Stew and keep writing!

sophie...^5 said...

Maybe more pictures would help some....use them symbols of your expression....just a thought!

John Gray said...

I would never have guessed!
And AJ IS right... Just refuse all anonymous comments x