Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boston Stronger

As you know by now, I love to drive. So I'm still asking myself why I chose to fly this time.

We've found ourselves on this tiny plane traveling from Detroit to Washington DC. I couldn't stand up straight in the aisle and was wedged into the seat so tight there was no way I was coming out of there. I "let" Eddy have the window seat so I could straighten one leg into the aisle when the one flight attendant was not walking about.
 We landed in DC, taxied to an open area and they told us to get off! Waiting in the rain for our bags, a bus pulled up to take us for a tour of the airport tarmac before ushering us up a flight of stairs.

I'm not one to complain, but if I was going to, this would have been one of those times. We made our connecting flight to Boston alright. But the one "checked bag" went on to South Carolina instead.
Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center
 The bag arrived several hours after us at the Boston Commons Hotel. It had had a much nicer time than we had already. Our taxi ride to the hotel had me turning all shades of green. If that driver worked for me, the passenger in the back would have come back to life just to vomit on the driver.

But, it's all about the experience. And, it was an experience!

The hotel is located just two blocks from Copley Square. Home to Trinity Church and the John Hancock Building.
A reflection of Trinity Church in the John Hancock Bldg.

Moss covered statuary on Trinity Church

Singleton Copley

 Of course Copley Square and more specifically, Boylston Street have been well known for years as where the Finish Line for the famed Boston Marathon is located. Made even more famous recently with the bombings that occurred there as this years race was ending. Three people lost their lives that day and many more were permanently injured. Then a few nights later, one more life was lost while attempting to capture the culprits of the bombings.

This memorial area has been set aside to pay tribute to the lives lost and the courageous people that came to the rescue of many more.
 Being here was both spooky and empowering at the same time. Empowering because this is a strong city. A city that would not run and hide when the going got tough. The term Boston Strong, is very fitting for what I found in this wonderful city that is so full of rich American history and vibrant modern life.
 On Boylston Street is the Old South Church and we were delighted to find this rainbow flag flying high on it's bell tower.

Being from the Detroit area, I can say that Pride in much of anything right now is almost non-existent. And when it comes to Gay Pride, oh sure there is a festival, but it has a long way to go before it could compare to any other Pride that I've been to.

So seeing this flag flying on a church in the middle of the Back Bay District in Boston, gave me hope that there is something to be proud of.

And this year Boston has a lot to be proud of. I am happy that I was able to spend Pride weekend in such a warm welcoming city.

We left Copley Square and headed to the public gardens and the famed Boston Commons. Passing quaint streets and alleyways along the way.

In the next post, we'll visit the Historic side of Boston. And you know that includes a cemetery or three.


Craig said...

New to you via Sophie, Ron and Jim. The photo of the reflected church is super - very creative!

Stew Adams said...

Thanks Craig. I am always looking for a different view on life. Perhaps that's why I'm such a Jim & Ron fan myself.

MorningAJ said...

Boylston Street is where they did the front of Boston Legal, isn't it?
And please tell me you went to the market around Faneuil Hall! I LOVE Boston. And did you see the ducklings on the common? And eat seafood?

Jim said...

Boston, my favourite city in the US! Great photos Stew, you certainly captured the 'feel' of the city here.