Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rockin' R

Let me tell you of a little trip we took a couple of weeks ago.
As you know, it's difficult for us to get away. I'm a man in high demand!
When we do get away, it's usually for only a day and then back to work.
So when we get the chance to escape, we squeeze in as much as humanly possible.

So after finishing up a service on Friday afternoon, I rushed home to through a few things into a bag and we were out the door. A four and a half hour drive was in front of us and it was rush hour, so we knew it would be longer.

We got to Cadillac Michigan as the sun was setting over the lake. I had to stop and get this photo as we cruised through town. It was a start to an incredibly beautiful trip.

We got to our destination at about 10:30pm and had been warned by the manager over the phone
 that they lock up tight at eleven. No exceptions!

It was a creepy place reminiscent of something out of psycho.

Morning came and I took a shower without incident so we proceeded with our plans.

Next stop. The Rockin R Stables.

It was a bit of a ghost town. But since when has that scared us off?!

As we strolled into town, we spied this makeshift cemetery and began to wonder where he had landed ourselves.

The sign says welcome. But I'll pass on the wild bear, thanks.

Edward was quick to make a few friends down at the saloon.

But, what are we doing here?!

My Eddy has never ridden a horse.
And a man can't go through life without having ridden a horse.
It's just not right.

I found this ranch just 4 doors down from where my Grandmother lived when I was a child.
Since I had not been back there for some 30 years,
we decided it was time.

He's still a little nervous here.

He was like a little kid. So nice to see. Look at that smile!

I rode a horse named Charm and he, Charisma.
I think Charm kept falling asleep and Charisma wanted a snack.
She kept eating during the whole ride.

The view from atop the hill.

Come on, keep up.

Then Charm fell asleep and Ed and Charisma tried to cruise by.
Looking more natural now.

Our guide for the day kept having to wait for us.

Am I a natural?

Just look at these studs.

After our long ride, we rallied back at the Trading Post for a cold one and game of checkers.

What a great way to start our mini-trip.


MorningAJ said...

What an amazing ranch. I don't like horses much. They are a bit scary
I had no idea that Cadillac is a place.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

what a fun trip! you are right, everyone needs to ride a horse at least once!

Jim said...

You guys are game for anything! And so funny about your horses!! Looks like a great start indeed!

Stew Adams said...

We did not drive our Cadillac but we did pass through it at sundown.

We will try anything and you never know where we'll turn up next.
A person just can't go through life without having ridden.

Admin said...

Now that looks like fun! I've never ridden a horse, despite having stables right behind our current neighborhood. One of these days!


John Gray said...

Love the windmill stew
Every stereotype except a tumbleweed

Stew Adams said...

YOLO Rich! Time to take the girls ridin'.

Stew Adams said...

Oh, the tumbleweed came later, John.