Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cell Phone Karma

As we begin any procession to the cemetery,
we walk the length of the funeral line and remind everyone to turn on their headlights.
This gives the procession a higher visibility and
aids in ensuring that we all get to the cemetery together
and safely. It is surprising to me
how many people don't know how to turn on their lights.
It seems that the more advanced our cars get, the more stupid we become.
We are doing our best to get everyone there safely and people look at us
like we're purple.

At the beginning of each service, there is always and announcement.
It may be the priest.
Or it may be the funeral director.
"Please turn off or silence your cell phones."
It is a simple request that shouldn't take more than a second or two
when everyone else is doing the same thing.
Inevitably, at some quiet point in the service, there will be a 
phone start ringing. It's usually an awkward tune as a ring tone.
Such as: Stayin' Alive.
Often the person is older and fumbles frantically to ignore the call.
A false sense of calm comes over them for a moment. Then the phone either chimes 
that they have received a message or worse yet,
starts to ring again and they answer it, telling the person at the other end of the line
that they are at a funeral.
At this point, they either get up and walk in front of everyone to the hall.
Or they ask for help to shut it off.
Then you will hear the "turning off chime". 

Is technology that difficult to understand?
Have we made things worse, by making things better?

Here's a little Funeral Cell Phone Karma for your enjoyment...


MorningAJ said...

That video is hilarious. I'm never sure why people think their phone won't ring in difficult situations. Theatres, hospitals, and yes, even funerals. Is it really so hard to be disconnected these days?

Jim said...

I'm learning....seriously, I AM!! lol

jaz@octoberfarm said...

so funny!!!

Ms Sparrow said...

I love the "karma" commercial. When cell phones were new, it seemed like everyone wanted to show off in public and talk loudly on their phones. What throws me nowadays, is the folks with Bluetooth phones in their ear who walk around yakking away oblivious to anyone in earshot. It seems like Somali women especially like to tuck a cellphone in their headscarf and carry on on running conversation wherever they go.

Unknown said...

And some of the things people talk about, should never be said in public! said...

Stu, this not about any type of Phones. It is the changing world. When I was
living in the Pensacola area, not more than 10yrs ago, when ever a funeral passed, all cars got off to the side of the road and stopped til the funeral passed
on by. I have not seen that in any of he other Florida Cities. I think it has passed away. In fact in Florida (here in Lakeland) almost everyone is
burnt, (hardly any church services, most are buried from funeral home, or grave side services) and very few of the families come down to see the person buried..
We are in a changing world. People don't care as much as they use to.

Unknown said...

In our little town, cars still pull over and let the procession pass. But in Detroit, forget it.
There is an undeniable trend to cremation. It doesn't have to always mean no service though. People still have the need to say good-bye. Often only certain religions will have the service at the church though. It is the directors job to educate the families as to what is available to them. Unfortunately, there is a large number of senior deaths in Florida and everyone becomes immune to emotion of loosing someone. Often, they will be shipped back home for burial, either whole or as dust.