Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Slit My Wrist !

This past Christmas day, I slit my wrist.
Old cabinets with No Shelves inside.

It's true. Ed was 30 minutes away watching his dad for three days. There was no business for me to do because cemeteries are closed on holidays. I was home alone. With only my trusty dog Pugsley to keep me company and he sleeps most of the day in his old age. I was bored and decided to go into the bath/laundry room. Looking at the cabinets hanging on the wall above the washer and dryer, that served almost no purpose at all, I decided that I had had enough. I got out a screw driver, hammer and pry bar and started ripping the cabinets apart. When I came to a three inch long screw that broke off in the wall, holding a brace to the drywall, the pry bar became my best friend and worst enemy. With a quick push at one end, the screw came loose, the board went flying and the sharp edge of the pry bar found a vein in my left wrist. Before I even knew that the screw came out, the blood was dripping on top of my new washing machine. A steady stream started flowing and left a trail across the wood floor to the white bath tub nearby. A towel and tight pressure was very quick to follow. Running through my mind was, how do I explain this at the Emergency room? Home alone on a Christmas day and I decided to slit my wrist. Fortunately, the cut was not deep enough to continue bleeding more than a few minutes. I wrapped my wrist tightly and continued my project.

Sleek New Cabinets!

Lots of Storage Space

I had already purchased the new cabinets from IKEA and went ahead and put them together. I was proud of myself for getting them hung on the wall by myself as well. The cabinet doors had to be ordered and were delivered just today. I am quite proud of yet another project that I accomplished single handed. And most of this one was in fact, single handed.

I must also add that my wrist is healing nicely. Only a slight scar to remember Christmas 2014 by.
(My first bathroom selfie)


MorningAJ said...

That's a bit drastic! There are some tasks I do that I always say demand a blood sacrifice - though most of them are in the garden, or when I go collecting hedgerow produce for jams and jellies. (Rose species in particular take an 'offering' from me.)
Do you happen to know what wood the old cabinets were made from?

Jim said...

Now THAT was a close call, Stew! Don't you love that feeling of accomplishing something on your own?
Nice job.