Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yoga kicked my ....

Friday was another one of those days that never seems to end. It started on Thursday night working the second job. Of course it snowed overnight, again! With the blowing wind, the drifts were quite a challenge. Even where they had plowed, a half hour later there could be a 2 foot snow drift again.

I got to the garage early to get the hearse. The plow truck had not yet visited the long drive back to the garage from the road. So I gunned the accelerator of my little Suzuki and burst through the drifts with little problem. When I arrived at the door to the garage, there was a 2-1/2foot drift in front of it with the shovel locked inside. So in my nice suit, I dug with my hands to get to the lock. Rolled the door open and started to dig. Eventually I got to the point where I could safely get the hearse out of the garage without sliding sideways and denting it.

The drive to the neighboring county was interesting to say the least. The freeway had one lane "cleared". Traffic was moving around 35 to 40 mph on a freeway with a 70mph speed limit. When I arrived at the funeral home, we loaded up the casket and headed out to the church in yet the next county. This time there was nothing but country roads with corn fields on both sides. At some points there was dry pavement from the blowing winds. At other points, there were snow drifts that we would have to plunge through. All the while it was still snowing. We made it there with a few minutes to spare before the family started showing up. 
Since the cemetery was in the next town 20 miles away, they decided to have the luncheon at the church before going out to the cemetery. What that means for me is waiting around. At some point during the service, it stopped snowing. But the drive to the cemetery was still  very interesting. It doesn't get much more country than where we ended up. As we came into the town where the cemetery was, we had to pass a horse drawn carriage. How's that for country?

The weather has been warm and cold. So things are starting to melt. The cemetery was quite the muddy mess. Some of the family was used to such things and wore their boots. And others were in their heels. But you make the best of it, right.

After the two hour drive home, I had enough time to get myself a small meal before my husband and I headed out to a yoga class. I've always been into natural healing since my father was a chiropractor. I've often done some yoga at home with video or television. Well, he found a class that was labeled "Real men do yoga" It was geared to men only and he signed us both up to experience it. Of course with our business, we never know what days we'll be working. So when you sign up for something, you know that there is a risk of being sleepless and overworked when the time comes to do it. By the time the class started, it was 7pm. I've been up since 7:30pm Thursday. Now, it's time to do men's yoga. Let's just say, It kicked my butt! It was wonderful! I loved it. The room was warm. Which was very welcome to me. I'm cold even in the summer in Michigan. When it does get warm here, everyone rushes to turn on the air conditioning. So the 90 degree room was very nice. I have to admit that I am no body builder and every guy there had a lot more strength than me. But I think that I was more coordinated than them. Regardless, it was a non-competitive atmosphere. But I gave it my all. The hardest part was the cool down  at the end. When the yogi said to lie flat and melt into the floor, he almost lost me to the lack of sleep. I was warm, exhausted and lying down with the lights out. Good night!

I managed to make it home, and into bed. Which is where I stayed until late in the day on Saturday. My husband did Saturday's funeral so that I could sleep. I then spent the day watching TV and napping. I did venture down to the mail box in the evening. But that was the extent of my adventures for the day. Today, I find that I am sore everywhere. But, it's a good sore. I am well rested and feeling like I can take on the world once again. I think I would do the yoga class again. Maybe next time, I'll do it with the girls though.

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Jim said...

This is a good 'push' for me to get back into Yoga! I like it's so good for mind, body, spirit.
I don't know if I'd like the heat as much as you, but it must have felt great Stew!
Stick with it.