Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Circus What?!

If you dare!
Allow me to introduce to you on this Brighter Day, Circus Afro.
Can you survive all 10 minutes?
This is a ten second clip from the new movie Madagascar 3 that has been looped to play over and over for 10 minutes. The challenge is to record yourself watching it and post your reaction. After watching a couple of others try it, I got together a small group and tried it together. Some left the room (so we turned up the volume) and myself and my neighbor Jan managed to make it through the whole thing.
While we did not record ourselves, I can tell you, you will never be the same.

Give it a try. I won't make you record yourself. But leave in the comments how far you got and how it made you feel.

After I have a few responses, I'll chime in with our reactions.

Have fun!


Mark said...

Once is enough for me! Ten minutes of that would make me suicidal.

Ms Sparrow said...

OMG! I listened for less than a minute earlier today and now I can't get that "dot-dot-dotadotdot" out of my head. OK, it's cute and funny, but ten minutes?

MorningAJ said...

1.33 and I can't breathe for laughing!

MorningAJ said...

And now K is singing it back to me! What have you done to me??????

Stew said...

It's something you can take with you all the day through

Zaftig Diva said...

I watched the entire ten minutes. First it was weird. Then, funny. Finally, it felt like any other mantra I might repeat.

Today, I can see the video but the sound has left me. Time to start over.

Stew said...

We made it through the entire ten minutes. I'm no quitter!
After about 6 minutes we were asking ourselves, WHY!
Eight minutes into it, we just wanted it to end
But we're not quitters, we made it this long.
9 minutes into it, there's no turning back.
9 1/2 minutes we couldn't breath anymore.
9 3/4 minutes, it needed to stop, is that the last one?!
Nope, one more time!
Oh thank God! It's over. My brain hurts, I'm laughing at how stupid I feel. I can't get that thing out of my head.
I find myself dancing around singing it myself.
What have I done?!
I must share this with you!