Saturday, May 4, 2013

May days

I love the month of May. It brings with it sunshine, warmer temperatures, green grass, flowers, my birthday, Pugsley's annual shed-a-thon and the wonderful promise of life.

For those that still follow this blog, I thank you. There have been so many things in my daily life that effect what happens (or doesn't happen) here. All I can say is that I am in no way leaving blogland. But I simply can not commit to a regular schedule. I truly enjoy writing and sharing the things that are important to me and hope that in some small way, I can enrich your life along the way.

I am working on a couple of articles that I feel will strike your interest. I would like to spend more time putting together meaningful post rather than the half thoughts that I might have published in the past.

Also there are a few explorations and events coming up very soon that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

To update everyone, spring was a long-time coming this year here as in many other parts of the northern hemisphere. But so far in this little corner of Michigan, the month of May has been sunny and 65 to 80 degrees everyday. Now if the ground would dry out a little from all the rain and snow of April, we'll get this summer thing started. I know that a little north of here, they are still getting heavy, wet snow, so I won't complain.

It was a sad day Thursday as we said goodbye to our Navy Blue Hearse. We convinced our major account to switch to black because it was more marketable for us and everyone loves our new Black Pearl. We've gone back to having just one hearse and working with another service for the occasional back-up. By switching to black, we have secured more accounts and are expecting business to only grow from here. We always have the option to add another hearse down the road.

I don't mind that more and more people are choosing to be cremated. (The percentage is at about 65% these days) I do have difficulty understanding why families are choosing to not have full services. Even if there is a absence of religion in the family, the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one should not be missed. There are so many options for grieving families. You can still have a full viewing and service and end in cremation. That is simply the final disposal method. It should not effect you opportunity for closure. (This subject greatly effects my business)

I promise you there are many more stories coming your way in the near future. Feel free to comment about what draws you here to the Brighter Side.
Are you looking for stories of the lives we honor each day?
Do you enjoy my positive spin on what could be a very dark subject?
Is it my travel loggs that keep you coming back?
Is my daily caos entertaining to you?
Or do you simply have a fasination of the business that I am in?
Tell me what you would like to read more of and I will see what I can do to make all your wishes come true. Well, whatever I can do.


Jim said...

Hi Stew. I was wondering if the whole cremation trend is affecting your business. I guess everybody has their own 'take' on what they want in the end.....or at least their family will.
You are one obliging fella, aren't you. Let me see.....whatever suits your fancy is fine by me. What you post about is up to you. I like the fact that you have taken this whole subject of death and burial out of the closet, so to speak.
Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

That's right. We're out of that closet and into the light and never going back.

MorningAJ said...

I love to read about your approach to life. Maybe it's your job that makes you so straightforward. I don't really care (mind?) where your attitude came from. I just know I love reading about what you think about life, the universe and everything. Just keep writing when you can and I'll be here to read you!

Unknown said...

There's a good question. Where did I get my attitude from? I'll think on that. Off the top of my head, I'd have to say a collection of all my experiences. And I know that it's not very "normal".
I'm flattered that you all like to read my opinion and have to admit that I value yours very much. I'll try to live up to what you've come to expect.