Monday, May 13, 2013

Willkommen !

On our way back from visiting my mother's grave, since we were doing things from our past, Ed suggested that we stop off in Frankenmouth for a good Polish dinner.

His family has a Polish name but moved to Michigan from Germany (an area that was called Prussia) in the 1890's.

Frankenmouth is a small town in the center of the lower part of the state. 
Dancing 'round the May Pole
It of course was settled by Germans way back when people were settling.
It's a great place to go and enjoy a Polka dance.

The town has become known synonymously with it's world famous chicken dinners.

 We thought we'd stop into Zender's and enjoy a nice dinner. Now, I can't eat chicken but I can always find something on a menu that will suit my pallet. But this was the first time in history that I decided that I just couldn't spend extremely high prices for food that I was not going to enjoy. There was absolutely nothing that caught my fancy.
 So, we ordered desert and called it done.

A Cheesecake for myself and a cobbler for Edward.
Pugsley was waiting in the car and we returned just in time to catch the sunset at the old covered bridge.

A paddle wheel riverboat, much like the one we will be on next weekend in Minnesota.

Pugsley was mesmerized by the horse drawn carriage crossing the bridge.

You can drive across the bridge, but keep it under 7mph

We left right after the clock tower animation show and headed for home.
Until the next post.... Auf Wiedersehen!


MorningAJ said...

What a lovely place! The bridge looks amazing. We don't really have anything like that over here. We have good bridges, but no covered ones that I know of. I think they look so romantic.

Stew Adams said...

A horse drawn carriage ride through town and across the covered bridge to a poolside suite just across the river, done that.

MorningAJ said...

I was promised a horse-drawn carriage ride around Central Parka few years ago. But it never happened.