Monday, May 6, 2013


And with that, it was Spring.
April 30th, we awoke to frost and later freezing rain.
May 1st, was sunny and 80 degrees.

Before May happened, there was very little growth of plants. But the last 5 days of sunny warm weather has sent the grass and flowers into overdrive.

Walking Pugsley this afternoon,
I thought I lost him in the tall grass of the vacant lot down the street. The very same grass that hadn't grown an inch just last week.
My Eddy mowed our lawn yesterday and I headed over to Dad's to mow his today. Today also brought the dandelions. They can be beautiful from a distance, blanketing a yard with a burst of yellow color, but play havoc with the grass.

 I do love the soft feel of the lawn on my bare feet in the summer so we are constantly weeding the lawn trying to hold back the army of yellow that we face at this time each year.

The yard is not void of yellow though by far. Four forsythia bushes dot the landscape as well as patches of yellow daffodils in every corner.

If you haven't gotten that burst of Spring yet, I hope this helps lift your spirits until you do.

If it's already passed for you, this should help you hang on to that feeling a little while longer.

And John and Linda, we're going to try and stuff some of this in our little car and bring it over for the wedding.


MorningAJ said...

We have a May Day celebration here today. Enjoy your spring. You waited long enough for it!

Jim said...

We are about the same point in spring as you.....maybe a little warmer there but we are not too far behind Stew. Great yellow photos.

Unknown said...

Well have a great belated May Day and throw in a little Cinco de Mayo while your at it. Enjoy life for all it's worth.

Unknown said...

I'm still undecided of what to pack for June.