Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hell and Back

As promised, I have returned with the rest of Hell.

Everyone that participates has a great deal of fun.
Aside from showing off their hearses, many will set up displays around them.

It's fun to see how creative some of these people are.

This man has built himself a tiny model T ford hearse.
It's so tiny that even the corpse's feet are sticking out the end of the casket.

Here's a creative use of last years model casket.
Motorize them and take your kids around the block.

Speaking of kids....
This zombie baby was just having a mid-day snack on top of this flower car.

These custom bikes were quite spooky too.

Here's a child's casket from the 1800's.
Before embalming was common, there was often a glass area
for viewing the body that would be closed before burial.

Another child's casket.
This one was used in a window showcase at a funeral home more than 75 years ago.

Displayed in this full-sized casket (under glass) are antique embalming tools.

Fun is everywhere.
This Mardi Gras type character was lurking about all day in Hell.

After the show, some were planning on spending the night in Hell,
sleeping in their hearses, of course.

This isn't a hearse, but Zom-B-Gone was on scene
 just in case there was an outbreak of the undead.

Here is a small sample of the many creative signs we observed while in Hell.

I could use another driver sometimes.
This guy asked me for a job.

As you can imagine, Hell is a busy place.
While we were there, one lucky couple got married in Hell.
There was a motorcycle gang hanging out at the bar a block away.
And there was a 5k run that was traversing Hell Creek, below the dam.
Here comes a runner now. Or is that a zombie?

As with any car show, there were trophies handed out for various things.
Things such as the furthest traveled, oldest hearse, best display, best costume, how-the-hell-did-it-make-it-here?, and the 13 best in show. Or was I the best looking driver?

After the awards, I used my Exit Visa
and we started a parade of hearses.

Seventy-one hearses all in a row
Going down the Road to Hell.

You don't see that every day.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

this is just too cool. i have to look up how far away this is from me. i would love to go to it. thanks for all the pics!!!

Stew Adams said...

This event is held on the 3rd Saturday in September each year. Hell is near Ann Arbor, MI.
I would love to have a blog meet-up there next year.

MorningAJ said...

I have friends in Ann Arbor - They never told me they lived so near Hell!
This is all wonderful stuff. There's an annual festival in Whitby, North Yorkshire where everyone has the same kind of fun. Whitby is the place that Dracula sailed into the UK (in the book) so the place fills with vampires and ghouls and goths.

I'm sure you were the best looking driver. No contest! :)

Stew Adams said...

A note about the child's caskets; In the 1800's, it was common that one out of four children would not make it to the age of ten. - Something to consider when opting to not have your children vacinated.