Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kit Kat

It was a warm day in August when I decided to wander down to the mail box to see what the postman had brought me that day. I rarely check the mail since there is even more rarely anything worth the effort in the box. Since I had just checked it the day before and received all the checks that I was expecting from customers already, I was not expecting anything but flyers. 

Then, much to my surprise, there was a package stuffed in there. 
I am so glad I didn't let this one sit in there for a week before picking it up.

This package was no ordinary package. 
It had traveled a great distance to arrive at my home. 
It had made it all the way from Merry-Ole' England!
A wonderful blogger/ reader and I'd dare to say, internet-friend, Anne or "Morning AJ"
 sent me a sampling of KitKat bars from England.

Not just KitKat bars. But she also sent Chunky KitKats.
Who knew there was such a thing.
And it gets better.
There's Chunky Mint KitKats too!
I do love mint chocolate!

Living so close to the Canadian border, 
I know that KitKats are a big thing on the other side of the river.
But I never really paid much attention to it.
I knew that there are entire vending machines dedicated to them.
But I didn't pay attention to the products available inside.

For one, in America, KitKats are made by the Hershey Chocolate company.
I have to admit they are one of my favorite treats. But one must take these things in moderation.

In England however, KitKats are made by the Nestle Chocolate company. Yes, the same people that make that chocolate syrup to squirt into your milk or poor over top of ice cream.

I decided to do a side-by-side taste test.

Although the coloring was about the same, the scent was quite different.
The American version almost seemed stale in comparison to the sweet scent of it's British counterpart.

Pugsley was looking on with anticipation as Edward and I took in the color, bouquet and eventually the taste of each tasty bite. Waiting for the lingering aftertaste before making any judgements.

We took our time and kept an open mind.

In the end, we had ourselves a winner.
Which of these chocolaty treats is our favorite?

The British version wins!
The chocolate itself seems softer on the pallet, smoother on the tongue and even seemed a little more buttery, if that's possible. 
It stayed with me longer and thus could be enjoyed longer.

I have not been to Canada for a few months now, but I know that the Canadian version is also made by Nestle' and I am stashing some of these British KitKats away so we can do a side-by-side with the Canadian and British versions.
 And we'll probably throw in the American again just to give them a fair second chance. 
But this American lad is a British fan on this one folks.

And since I have to take these things a little at a time, 
I am also saving the chunky ones for a special occasion.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

chunky and mint kit kats..get out of town! why can't we get them in the USA? i have been dying to try the asian green tea ones but i can't find them anywhere! lucky you!

Stew Adams said...

Rumor has it there are all sorts of flavors available including coffee, peanutbutter and even orange.
Since they are made by a different company, I wouldn't look for them any time soon. But many are available in Canada.

Jim said...

What a great gift to receive!! And who would have thunk that there were different Kit Kats!!
I think you boys are due for another trip across the river!!
Fun post Stew.

Stew Adams said...

As a Canadian, I would expect you, Jim, to be an expert on all things Kit Kat.
As I sit at my desk, I can see the American Customs station and yet Canada can seem so far away. Maybe soon though. One never knows.

MorningAJ said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your English treat! We get occasional 'limited edition' Kit-Kats over here in various flavours. I'll keep an eye out and send you samples of any new ones I find.