Friday, April 9, 2010

Boasting at the funeral

I had the pleasure yesterday to attend my uncles funeral. It was held in a tiny cemetary in a town that was even tinier.

Being an insider at this funeral, I saw for the first time something very different. I'm not at all saying that all funerals are like this. Maybe it's just my family. I'll keep a closer eye out for it now that I am aware. What was happening with the small sampling of my family that showed up was a bragging contest. All the conversations were focused around who works where, how much you make, where have you been, who do you know.

I learned that my cousin's son is married and has two kids. As he was bragging about where he works, I realized that I don't know these people at all. His wife was there standing next to him and he never introduced her. At least I assume that was his wife. His sister never spoke one word to me. I don't know what that was all about.

I was there for my mother. And glad that I was. She really needed assistance traversing the uneven hillside cemetary with her wheeled walker. The rain/snow mix that was spitting out of the low-laying clouds made standing graveside that much harded for her. I had to catch her a couple of times.
I opened the pouch and placed the pipe tobacco in the whole with him, which I thought was a fitting tribute to a man that always had a pipe and I was looked at like I was somesort of freak. Which I am, but I thought it was a nice thing to do.

In the end, I am happy that I went. It gave me closer. However, it may just be the last time I see my cousin and her family. Sometimes you just have to let things go. I have friends in my life that mean more to me than all of them put together and I would be happy to spend the rest of my life with them.

After sleeping in the evening, I drove home. Leaving at 11pm(my normal schedule) I knew it was going to be an experience when I walked out the door to my brother's house and as I unlocked my car was greeted by a startled deer. Before reaching the freeway 7 miles away, I had couted over 25 more near or in the road. Then was amazed as it continued as I drove down the freeway. It's an interesting concept that the state of Michigan has put into place. They have mile markers every mile at the side of the road and at the half mile point, they seem to have hired deer to go stand out there and make sure everything is going well. I made it home without incident though.

And with that, it's back to work this evening and off to do a funeral in the morning.

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