Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time Expired

Here's one of my favorite shots from Provincetown last summer. to caption it is almost imposible as there are just too many ways it can go. Is it serious? Is it funny? Justin may recognize it and understand it. But for anyone else, it leaves a few questions.

Yes, the time is expired.
What's your take on this?


JustinO'Shea said...

Stew, this is an excellent funny photo! The kind that makes - in me - a low slow giggle! First of all the irony of parking meters alongside a cemetery. . .Do the occupants leave theirs cars lined up for a night on the town. . .when they will hide in their various nooks and crannies along the alley to the A-House to see who they can scare out of their pants as they leave the bar at closing time? Or haunt the leather bar called Purgatory. . .?

Or are some of the occupants vampires who return before sun-up and hide in their graves till nightfall?

Also the expired meters are a reminder that 'their' time is 'UP". . it is all over and done with. . . or the running meter telling that time IS running out.

If I remember correctly this is the cemetery place between Route 6 and Bradford Steet. .there are a number of inn and guest houses in that area too. It is a part off the beaten track of Commercial Street. . .and unless one is parking over there, for us "local boys" little reason to go there. ;-) Unless you have met someone and are looking for a quiet place to make out. . . or something. .. LOL Then you can each go your separate ways.

In high school I knew a blonde guy who lived in that general area. . . .No, we didnt camp in the cemetery! hahahaa


Jabacue said...

Great photo Stew! The parking meter is just another reminder that we are here for just a limited time.......amazing how it seems to fit in with the all tombstones. As long as we put in 'enough change', I think we'll be alright.