Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Foot lives on

A while ago, I put it out here that my husband's brother and sister were both on their deathbeds. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law has not shown any improvement. She is simply coping the best she can with the pain associated with having cancer eat her alive. I know, way to sad.
The good? news is however, that my brother-in-law is home from the hospital! Let's give you some background. He suffered a blow to the head as a child and never quite recovered. He has never been much help to society to say the least. He has chosen to live simply, in the woods. Years ago, he acquired an old mobile home that someone was going to demolish. Now, 30 years later that mobile home is still sitting in the woods out behind Dad's place. This thing should have been ripped apart years ago. Instead he made it his home. With no running water and a simple 220 electric line running out there from the house, he has existed.
He has over the years abused himself with drugs, alcohol, and even a little prostitution. Although if you could see him, you would be totally sickened by that thought. Anyone that has ever taken the time to get to know him, likes him. He's very friendly and lives pretty comfortably amongst the wild animals. Their property is adjacent to a freeway and there have even been sighting of a wild naked man, dancing at the freeways edge.
Now, he doesn't bathe. He doesn't shave. He smokes and he drinks. Are you getting the picture? and the smell?
Four years ago, his liver failed him. The doctors told us then, that they have never seen anyone pull through what he has done to himself. That we should call the funeral home. Well, I work there and he still hasn't made it through the back door. There have been several trips over the years now to the hospital. Each time, they tell us that there is nothing more that they can do for him. This time, they even bypassed his liver all together. They told him NO MORE DRINKING ! We'll see. He seems to listen until he feels better, then next thing you know, he's down at the quick-mart.
So, they sent him "home". He is currently staying in my husband old bedroom in the house. Dad's not happy about it, but that's a different story. The brighter ones in the family know that the trailer should be demolished. That hasn't happened yet and we are afraid that he might find his way back out there. When they checked him into the hospital down in the city, they found lice, fleas and ticks on his body. Do I have any volunteers to go into his trailer and take out anything of value?

So the crazy brother that lives in the woods lives on. His dad lives on at the age of 91. They are quite the sight, the two of them. Meanwhile, we've lost my husbands mother, step-mother and soon his sister. All of which were very nice (and not crazy) ladies.
I guess if there is a lesson here, it is to not be nice. To live life on your own terms and don't care what anyone else thinks. You'll live forever.

Sorry, you know that I can't publish pictures of big foot on the web. So, instead you got pics of myself and Pugsley on our walk in the woods.

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Jabacue said...

I can see a lot of walks in the future for you. I find them to be a great distraction and a chance to 'escape' and all the while re-charging the batteries. Hang in there.