Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the DVR, I was able to watch the season finally of the Amazing Race. Yeah, I'm a geek. I like that show as well as Survivor.
For anyone that hasn't seen it yet and wants to, don't read this.
All I knew when it started was that I didn't want Brent and Caite to win. I really had formed no opinion about Jet and Cord and was sort of hoping that Dan and Jordan would win.
A bold move by Dan, getting them moved to first class on the flight took them from last place to first getting off the plane. Then they stayed there for the remainder. And of course they came out on top.
I didn't know until afterward that through the magic of television editing, that CBS had removed all the conflicts of Jet having a problem with gays(Jordan is gay). I think it was good that CBS cut that out. I'm just glad that someone like that didn't win. I know that several people that I know were hoping that Jet and Cord would win.

It is so hard to believe that there is so much homophobia in the world still.
Anyway, I am just happy with the outcome. So, I'll shut up about that.

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Jabacue said...

Hey! We love both those shows! And were glad Dan and Jordan won. Didn't know that little tidbit about Jet though. Guess I shouldn't be surprised.....they appeared to be quite isolated from the rest of the world.
Homophobia is everywhere....and will probably remain as long as we are perceived as being different from the majority. Just the way it is when it comes to being a minority.