Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nine ?!

How is this possible?
Where has the time gone?

It's crazy, but it's true !

Today, Pugsley turns Nine years young !

My little fur ball has grown into quite a fine specimen of a dog.
His loyalty is simply amazing. But, he is a one man dog. Sorry Eddy, he's all mine.

I guess that's why I get to brush out that undercoat every year. At least he's almost done with the shedding this year.

For those that don't know him, he's a Tibetan Spaniel that weighs around 40 pounds (twenty of that is hair) He's kind of a cross between a Chow Chow and a Pekingese.

His brother came into our lives one day. He was given to my brother-in-law that lives in the woods. He had just lost his dog and this person was trying to be nice and give him a new one. He wasn't ready for one yet and especially one that would require so much care. (I can only imagine what he would look like) He took to me right away. Followed me just out of instinct. There were others there, but not in his eyes. So we took him with us on vacation and gave him the time of his life. You should have seen him. His legs so short that he had to jump over the grass. He loved riding on the boat with the wind in his hair and holding tight to me.

Anyway, we had this puppy for a week. Just long enough to become emotionally attached. When one day he just wasn't feeling good and could not even get up to go pee. While I had to go to work, Ed picked him up and rushed him to the animal hospital. After doing some microscopic surgery on the little guy, all we could do was wait. So wait we did. What seemed like a month was only one night. We got the call in the morning that he didn't make it.
I debated for two weeks if I wanted to try and get one of his brothers or sisters. I wasn't sure if I could do it after going through that. Finally, I decided YES. Let's get one. So Ed called the people that had them only to find out that they had all been sold. He gave them his number in case the mother had any more. And we left it at that. Didn't think much more about it. Except for every sound that I heard reminded me of him.
One day, I came home from work and Ed was watering the garden. He stopped when I pulled in the driveway and shut off the water. The squeaking of the knob, reminded me of the dogs whimper. That's when he said, wait right there. He went over to the van and opened the door. He reached in and pulled out the fluffiest little ball of fur you ever saw. When he set him on the grass, the little guy ran right for me. It was love at first sight. I cried and hugged him like it was his brother reincarnated.
Evidently, someone had changed their mind and brought him back. It was just meant to be. Just a couple of weeks later, his mother was hit by a car and died. So there will be no more litters from her. Everything in the universe came together to bring this particular puppy into my life. And he hasn't left my side since. He is sitting at my feet as I wright this. He's my little miracle and I can't believe that it's been nine years.


Jabacue said...

What a great story! Pugsley is one fortunate little guy!
Yes, the years fly by.....only seems like yesterday that we picked up Sophie. She too is with us all the time. Gotta love it!!

AJ-OAKS said...

Yes, Pugsley was meant to be in your life. No doubt about it. The universe does work in mysterious ways.

Des said...

What a beautiful story of love, Stew! I am reading this post in 2015 and hoping so much that Pugsley is still very much a part of your life. This would make him going on 14. If not, my heart empathises with the pain of your loss. As a 60 year old mother of 5 dogs, currently, I know how deeply attached we become to each and every furball who blesses our lives, and how heart sore we are when it is their time to move on.