Monday, May 24, 2010

violence and murder

This is a difficult post to write. While my husband's sister holds on to life by a thread. She spent her life caring for others. She was instrumental in building some of Michigan's new systems for helping the mentally handicapped assimilate into the work force and has given many a sense of purpose in life. She is being eaten away with cancer that has spread just about everywhere. But, she's hanging in there.

I had to do a funeral a few days ago for a woman that lived a much more violent life. This woman was only thirty five and had lived through an abusive marriage to the father of her two children. Only to meet a new man recently that turned out to be even worse.

I can't help but think that much of your life is determined by the company that you keep. I never met her ex-husband and know way more about the new guy than I'd like to know. I also know that this woman was stripper and the funeral was paid for by her co-workers from the "benefit" that they had the night before. I don't like to judge people and I know that there is a need for all types of workers in this strange world. I do however, feel that it says something of her character.

A little about the new boy-friend.... He has a long record of many things including the abuse of women in his past. His ex canceled a restraining order on him because she felt that he would not honor it and it would only enrage him more to hurt her.

After partying at a local festival all day, where it was said that they had been arguing, he dropped her off at home. Then he drove to his brother's house, picked up a gun and went back to her house. Her roommate opened the door and was shot immediately. Then he made his way to her and shot her in the head. If that wasn't enough, he then picked up a cleaver and went after the two children. Thankfully, the roommate and one child survived the incident. Obviously since I did her funeral, she did not make it and the other child lost his life too.

It's the children that I am most sorry about here. They simply never had a chance.
Some people choose to live their life mad all the time. They seem to be constantly fighting against something. The thing is with people like that is when they look at people that are happy, it makes them mad. Overhearing the friends and family at the funeral, they were obviously upset. But it was a violent kind of upset. Not sorrowful at all. I can understand to a point. This man deserves everything that the law can give him. But this kind of anger only brings more violence. The six year old girl that survived will still be surrounded by this anger and will always be haunted by the story of her mother's and brother's deaths as well as her own tragedy.

This whole thing reminds me of a story that just came out a few weeks ago by a woman that was left to die in the ocean. Her whole family was killed and somehow she survived at six years old. This woman had to face many issues growing up without her family. But came through it all pretty good. It took her 40 years before she could tell the story but it was an amazing story and I'm glad that I got the chance to learn it.
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In the end, I hope that this little girl can see past all of this and see that there is a Brighter side of the grave.

There are people out there truly suffering. That don't deserve to. And yet there are people out there that choose to suffer when they really don't have to. I choose to live each day to the fullest. I am happy with whatever comes my way.It's life. The great adventure. It's not worth killing someone and certainly not worth loosing your life.

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Des said...

So very hard to make a meaningful comment on a difficult subject that you have tackled with great finesse.