Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Holloween

This weekend is my husbands favorite holiday of the year.

The house is decked out with purple and orange lights. There is an overgrown cemetery where the garden once was, and a real casket is ready to go on display along the smokey walkway leading to our front door, where candy waits for the little goblins that call our little hometown, home.

The hearse is not a toy and will stay in the garage where it belongs. As that is our business, we can't afford anything to happen to it.

I'm going to do my best to take some photos when everything is in full effect and get them up here on the blog.

While we wait for the big day, enjoy your weekend and may you "Rest in Pieces"


Jabacue said...

Sounds and looks like you guys are having too much fun! Smart putting away the hearse.
Have lots of fun with the kids!

PhotosbyErich said...

You, my friend, are THE authority when it comes to tombstones, graves, etc. for OBVIOUS reasons. I do like the Rest in Pieces epithet.

Here's one of the best such inscriptions I ever heard of:

Here lies the body of Lester Moore
Killed with six slugs from a forty-four
No Les. No Moore.

Happy Halloween to all!

Stew said...

Ah! from Boot Hill.... good one.
I always enjoy the epitaphs that are on the fake stones in peoples yards this time of year. What's amazing is when you see them at the real cemeteries.
We are getting things ready right now.