Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow Day!

It's a beautiful sunny day here in Southeast Michigan. Although it's not officially winter yet, two nights ago we got hit with our first measurable snowfall of the season. It was a wet and heavy snow. Great for packing as they say. The kind that's great for making a snowman. So we did. Not our best work ever, but since right after the snowfall, so fell the temperature. It is bitter cold out there. Below the freezing mark and no sign of returning to the positive numbers anytime soon. It's the kind of snow that if you got hit with a snowball made from it, it would hurt and definitely leave a mark.
It is beautiful, that's for sure. After our burial today, I couldn't help but to take some shots around the cemetery for you.

While it's been difficult to dig us out of this snowy mess, our neighbors on the other side of the border have not been as lucky as us. It seems as though a band of snow took up residence over the large space of land between our border and London, Ontario. London is the town that got hit with a meter of snow last week. The freeway and ALL other roads are closed and impassible. There are over 300 cars and trucks stranded on the freeway. They are evacuating people on snowmobile and in helicopters and encouraging them to stay with their vehicles until rescue workers can get to them. On this side of the border, this translates to our freeway being lined with miles and miles of trucks waiting to cross the border. These truckers are stuck with no place to go. I did see a catering truck out there selling them food and beverages. But all they can do is wait. It doesn't help the situation that on both sides of the border, there are power outages in homes and businesses. With temperatures below freezing and no heat in homes and all these people stuck on the freeway, you can imagine that rescue, repair and road workers are a little busy.

All this makes me excited to see what winter will bring. And even more excited for spring.


sophie...^5 said...

I heard about the snow fall in your area and southern Ontario. Someone doesn't seem to like you, eh! We had another Monday wind storm(2 in a row now) with some rain last night. Trees were downed in the Annapolis Valley 100 miles from here where Ron went to university. The college was closed all day. We are having a very mild Dec this year. I can handle this but am so afraid of trees falling down.
Enjoy your snowMAN!!!

Jabacue said...

You almost sound Canadian, Stew! lol
You've inspired me....next snowfall, that would be the first, I'll make a snowman.....with the help of Ron and Sophie of course.

AJ-OAKS said...

Love the cemetary pics. Quite beautiful.
Saw on the news this morning about all the stranded motorists. Geez!!! If there is one thing I love about having a wood stove, I know there will be heat when the electricity goes out!

Stew said...

It always surprises me the number of people in a northern town that don't have a back-up heat source or emergency kit in the car.
A tin can and a votive candle with some blankets and extra pair of gloves is a good start. Flares and all the other usuals help too. One never knows. I'd rather be ready and not need it than need it and not have it.

Ron's back better get better if he wants to help with the snowman. Pugs was quick to be the first (and last)to pee on ours.

sophie...^5 said...

No more SNOW pls....rain in forcast!