Friday, October 21, 2011

Don't laugh at me

Today we buried a man that knew no shame. He was proud of who he was and lived each and every day to the fullest. He found the pleasure in the littlest things. The group of people that attended his funeral was very diverse and vast.
This man was autistic, before they knew what autistic was. At 57 years old, he had enjoyed more life than most of us could in three lifetimes. He brought joy to everyone that he knew. The Pastor picked out this song to play at his funeral and it struck a chord with everyone in the building. We all have our downfalls, but we are all beautiful beings and can bring so much into this world. Our guest of honor blindly chose to bring happiness to every minute.
The song chosen was a remake of an old Peter, Paul and Mary song, done by a country singer, Mark Wills....

Click on the link, enjoy the song. Then come back and tell us what you do each day to brighten your world, here on the Brighter Side of the Grave.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

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MorningAJ said...

Had a hair cut today and feel much better than I did when I looked in the mirror this morning.