Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was stocking the beer in the cooler, down at the local drug store, when I ran across a case of Mike's Hard Lemonade. This was printed on the side of the case.
How very fitting it was. Fitting because all week, we've had at least 2 funerals a day and I'm working over night at the store, trying to make up for the fact that I'm going to be gone for two weeks. And I still need to finish packing!

I've always said, "If you cut out eating and sleeping, there's so much more time in the day."

I've got another two today, then Sunday is a down day, unless you count working at the drug store.
After the services today, I am looking forward to spending some time with an old colleague and her husband, who is a loyal blog follower........      Who needs to pack, I'll just get new cloths on the trip.


That corgi :) said...

That is a grueling schedule, Stew! Take care of yourself so you don't get sick while you are gone for those two weeks!!


Stew said...

Dinner and conversation was amazing!
I'm so glad we made time in our schedules for hanging out with friends.

We have to do that more often.

sophie...^5 said...

Yes, buy clothes on the trip for sure! You know you work darn too much!

Jim said...

Yes Stew, I am starting to feel like a to you!
Have a great trip. Look forward to the pics!

oneSAHDdude said...

Good times Stew; need to get out again soon!

Have a good trip and hopefully Rina stays out of your way!