Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New house, Christmas Parties and World Records

If you all remember back to mid September, we took a short trip to Hell.
While we were there, took part in an attempt to obtain a world record for the longest parade of hearses.
Well, I recently received an email that read like this:

" Congratulations! You are now OFFICIALLY a Guinness World Record Holder!
You can read more about it at
And as always, more information will be added to the site, as it becomes available. "

And to catch everyone up on the happenings here at home, it's been a slow month so far for funerals. But don't think that I'm not doing anything or that I'm bored.
 This is my sister, who stayed at our house watching our dog Pugsley while we were gone on our trip. She is standing in front of her new house just two miles from my house, that she purchased after we got back. It is a large house with plenty of space for anything you could want to do in a house.
She is taking on a new role now that Mom is gone. She will be hosting all our family functions and even welcoming stray family in to her many empty rooms.
One huge thing that she will be taking on is bring our father into her home. There is a beautiful main floor master suite that he will be staying in. Here we will all be able to take part in caring for him. He will be 88 years young next month. He misses Mom very much and needs the family interaction that he is missing while living in the assisted living residence that he and Mom moved into three and a half years ago. My sister that is a chef will be preparing his meals daily and I have always taken care of his finances and medications. Having him in the house will make it easier for everyone to pitch in and care for the man that gave everything for his eight children. We are all looking forward to many happy years in this new home.

However, the previous owners did not seem to love this house as much as we do. There has been an extensive list of fixes that have to be done. We are having our first Christmas celebration in the home on Friday! We still don't have a living room floor installed and "stuff" is everywhere!

 The weather has been unseasonably warm. I took this shot of this sweet william yesterday in my garden. Although the leaves are all gone from the trees, the grass is still green and flowers are still blooming. The river that is between my house and my sister's new place has flooded several times this fall because of all the rain. This has brought up issues with the new basement flooding as well. And we've yet to have a snow that has stuck around longer than a few hours.

Just to make life a little more interesting, I just learned of a funeral for Saturday morning that I must do. This when combined with the Christmas gathering on Friday and the fact that Ed has sent out invitations to a New Orleans, Mardi Gras style Christmas party at our house on Saturday, will mean that there is no resting for me. You might recognize the mask here from our Mardi Gras costumes on board the ship. And the rest of the tree decorations are all new for our new love of the purple, green and gold. We had to do something with all those beads.


That corgi :) said...

I think that is neat how the family is coming together to help your dad, Stew. The set up at your sister's house for him sounds "divine". Having that interaction with people he loves will do him so good (and you guys too!). Hubby's mom died last month and his dad, 88 years old, is just floundering (married 64 years). Sadly, having him into our home would not be an option(long story) but I truly admire the way you guys are working together!


Anonymous said...

Jack said...what a blessing it will be to have your Dad living so close and with his family... you and your sister are truly wonderful children....

Stew said... We're just trying to live up to the standard set by you Jack.

MorningAJ said...

We were always too far apart to do anything like that for our parents. (Three and five hours drive away from where they lived.)

It's good that you can. xx

Jim said...

The caring for your Dad sounds all too familiar! Isn't it great that we both come from large really comes in handy at times like this. It may not always run smoothly, but things do get done that need attention. Nice that sis live nearby Stew.
Good luck Saturday, rest as much as possible tomorrow.

laurak@forestwalkart said...

it's nice to hear that your family is working to come together...get closer...and spend time with one another.

we never know what may happen tomorrow...and i know all to well how death can bring the nasties out in some people...and they can linger for years. and years.

it's good for all of you AND your have everyone near...

JustinO'Shea said...

STEW. . .what a wonderful, loving family project you are all undertaking. . . and your sister has such a bug heart to even being to undertake and orchestrate this whole "home making".

What a wonderful Christmas for your Dad and the whole family. . .what big hearts to take on the sacrifice this will involve in different ways for all of you.

Your Mom and Dad taught you well!

Merry Christmas!


oneSAHDdude said...

You're such a do-gooder, Stew :-)

I've been thinking about your party all day while sitting here working. I did make a pot of gumbo last night though.

Stew said...

Ed did a great job with the gumbo and all of the food. I'm so proud of all of his hard work while I was off "working".
Today's service was for a big Italian family and they insisted that I join them for a light lunch. (5 coarse meal)
The party was great and gave us the opportunity to catch up with old friends and favorite neighbors.

John Gray said...

if I dont get the chance
just wanted to know I want you to have a lovely christmas xxx