Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio turned out to be quite a nice surprise during our visit to the Pride celebration going on there last weekend.
After all the craziness died down a little, it was nice to relax and enjoy this place for all it was worth.
It was quite a warm weekend. In the 90's for the most part. Now, I like it warm so the fact that some of these areas inside the many glass domes and levels that make up this little wonder in the city, was even warmer, was music to my skin. 
At the conservatory, they have glass blowing demonstrations every day. So they use a lot of hand blown glass in their displays. The shot above is many different styles, layed out on a skylight as you walk through the entryway. There was glass sculptures on the walls, mixed in to the plants, floating in the streams, even on the roof deck. So many colors and styles, they could have a beautiful place just with that.
One whole section was devoted to butterflies. I've been in a butterfly house in Northern Australia before. But this was Ed's first time. It's wonderful to see them flying around without a care in the world. Completely safe from predators. However, trying to capture the magnificence of it with a camera.... very difficult indeed.

Even on the video camera, they are just little flutters now and then. None the less, it was very enjoyable. The whole experience was helping me to feel very zen.
The gardens surrounding the conservatory were just as beautiful as the greenhouses themselves
This shot almost reminds me of a bad movie in a cemetery. I'm not quite sure what they are going for here. But it's pretty.
All in all, we were very pleased with Columbus. This was our second trip there and we'd recommend it to anyone. We were there a few years ago for the Pizza & Ice Cream Expo in the winter. ( We used to own a restaurant ) Although it was bitter cold and we could not do much exploring, what we did see back them we loved. And this trip in the better weather confirmed that this little city in the middle of the country is really trying. I'd have to say that it's doing pretty good.

We also went to the famed Columbus Zoo. Because it was so hot, most of the animals were sleeping and I am not pleased with the shots that I got. We didn't even see Jack Hanna. But it was father's day here in America and they asked if Ed was my Dad. Because they were letting fathers in for free with their kids. I thought it was funny. I don't think Ed thought the same though.
So there it is. Our little trip to Columbus.
And now we resume our regular programming.....
Poor Ed is out right now in a thunderstorm doing a funeral so that I can type this.
Thanks Eddy! I love you.


PhotosbyErich said...

Looks absolutely beautiful! And it looks like you had the perfect weather for a visit too!

As you said in your post, so many, many vivid colors. Photographer's dream there.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of it.

AJ-OAKS said...

I laughed at the comment you made about the hand/arm sculpture.
Beautiful pics.
It really does look very inviting there.
The glass is gorgeous. So colorful.
Thanks for taking us along.

Jabacue said...

There's nothing like this in the Maritime.....thanks for taking us on a tour. Loved the butterfly house.
Funny zoo story! Same thing happened to us a few years ago...salesclerk thought that I was Ron's father.Ouch!! And there is only one year between us!!!