Thursday, June 10, 2010


Life is full of little surprises
It all started when I came home from my midnight gig at 6am and found all of these had just exploded all over the garden path. You can actually see what's left of the path on the left side of the picture.
Then when I got to the garage to take the hearse out for a spin around the cemetery, I was blessed with these wild daisies growing all along the fence. Several hundred feet of wild daisies.
When I got to today's cemetery, I found three more little surprises. First it was an old cemetery dating back to the mid 1800's. Which in Michigan, is about as old as you are going to find. The town is pretty remote being up the coast a ways. There isn't even cell phone service there. There is a little church on the cemetery grounds that was built in 1853. As this little white wood frame chapel sits just off the shore of Lake Huron and has been there a few days, it is showing it's age pretty badly. The wood floor is a little soft and the walls are a little wavy. Not a fancy place, but quite a nice little place on the shore to offer praise to God. As I was driving the casket over to the grave in an older section, I noticed a little bridge over a creek and a small revine that was originally built for the towns people to get from town to the chapel. This little bridge is about 25 feet long and couldn't be more than 2 feet wide. All made of wood and obviously been there a while, I'm not so sure that I'd like to cross it. Especially wearing my nice black suite. I found this to be a very pleasant place. Someplace that I would like to share with my readers. So, I reached for my camera. Only to discover the third surprise out there. I'd left it in my car, back at the garage. So, I guess that my words will have to do for now. And I promise to share this peaceful view with you soon.

When I returned home, I was telling Pugsley how nice all the flowers were down at the garage. And of course he insisted that I take him to see them. He quite enjoyed running up and down the fence line, peeing on all the pretty flowers. It's what he does. It makes him happy.
Have you had any little surprise that brought a smile to your face lately.


sophie said...

WTG are my kinda garden is full of surprises every morning...I can't wait to get up and saunter down the steps to the lower level and check out pretty much everything...that's what I do!

Jabacue said...

Can't wait to see that peaceful view! Sounds very nice.

AJ-OAKS said...

Your description of the chapel and cemetary is wonderful. Hopefully you will be able to get some pictures of it. I love old buildings and cemetary's. They have such history to share.
Puglsey sure is a cutie pie.
As for little suprises that brought a smile to my face, yes. The other night a raccoon came up to eat the cat food. I haven't seen a raccoon in awhile here so seeing that one did put a smile on my face.