Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A great loss

We will forever remember Memorial Day 2010.
It is the day that my sister-in-law lost her battle with cancer.
     As promised, we made the three and a half hour drive to be the ones that transported her from her lakeside home in Northern Michigan to the funeral home in the S/E quadrant of Michigan.
     The call came just before I was finishing work before 5 am. I quickly made my way home where my husband had the hearse ready to go. I quickly changed and off we went. Unsure of what we would find when we got there and if we were ready to see her in her current state. Still in disbelief that such an amazing woman could fall to such an evil disease.

When we arrived, her husband, son and many close family friends were there. What we found, was not her at all. She had lost so much weight even since we last saw her a month ago. We loved her, however this was not her. Her spunk and charisma had left her. This was simply an empty shell like you might find on the beach.
     She did not want a viewing at her funeral. At first, we felt that people would feel cheated by that. And after witnessing what this cancer had done to her, I completely agree with her. This is not how we need to see her for the last time. We need to remember her for what she was and who she was. A loving woman that cared for so many people. She gave her life to helping others. We will always love her and we will miss her.


Past and Present said...

Sure you have heard it all before, so all I will say is, you a good person to have keep your promises to a fine lady. Sometimes it is best to remember someone like they once were. Hugs to you and her family.

Jabacue said...

Stew, so sorry to hear about the death of your sister-in-law. All the best to your husband. She sounded like she was quite the lady....her spirit lives on in all of you.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Oberle said... So sorry to hear of your loss...

Billy Meininger said... aww stew im so sorry

Anonymous said...

Jack Miller said.... You guys know my thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Jamie Hewett commented on your note "A great loss":

"I am so sorry."

Jeri said...

I just met you yesterday at my cousin's memorial service. I was impressed by the way the service was run and the feeling of comfort I got out of a memorial service rather than a regular funeral Having just lost my own sister to cancer in April I dreaded going to yet another funeral of a relative. I left home feeling depressed and down. I came home feeling good and also fortunate to have known and be related to someone like her. Thank you for your blog and it was nice to finally meet you.

PhotosbyErich said...


I join the others on this post in writing about how sorry I am to read of your loss. Cancer has claimed so many dear, wonderful people. I would so much like to see its cure developed in our lifetime.

My prayers to you and your family,