Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Don't fight it, find it...

I have a calendar that's rather annoying. Unlike your regular calendar that you flip once a month and it tells you the date and day it is, or perhaps if it's a holiday or maybe a full moon. Not this one. It has to be flipped every day. And everyday, it's encouraging me to be a better person. This evil calendar has inspirational quotes and reminders for each and every day of the year. Today's page reads "Contentment alone is enough. Indeed, the bliss of eternity can be found in your contentment."
When combined with everything else that has come my way today, I'm starting to get the message. Don't fight it. But at the same time, don't accept someone Else's contentment. What is right for one does not fit all. Find what makes you happy and enjoy the heck out of it.

For today's deceased, his calling was the military. He was a veteran of both World War 2 and the Korean War. He served our country for 30 years. His wife is the perfect military wife and he raised perfect military kids. Or did he? The US Navy did an amazing service graveside at the small country cemetery. There was a nice service, a fifteen gun salute, taps was played on the bugle (always get the tears) and an official flag folding and the presentation of the flag to the widow. There were tears in everyone's eyes. Except one. His son. Yes, he cried over the loss of his father. Just not the military service. His son was raised in the military and forced to enter upon his 18th birthday. Only problem was, it wasn't his calling. His father did a welcomed service to his country. But the son did the minimum and got out. He needed to find himself, not his father.
We all need to do that. We should not let our parents, church, girl or boyfriend dictate to us who we are. We all need to find ourselves. Only then will we be happy with ourselves. The bliss of eternity can be found in our own contentment.
And if you can't find yourself, then maybe you are looking too hard.
For me, my dictator was the church. And while I still have a love for Christ. It's your "Christian's" that I have a problem with all too often. There are so many that push just a little too hard. A true faith is something that comes from within. It can not come from someone else. And your true self, also comes from within. Each of us already knows what that is. It's only a matter of time before we are able to realize who we are and what our purpose is. It's when we stop fighting it and start accepting ourselves, that everything seems to start falling into place.  And remember to stay flexible. Life is a constantly changing journey. Tomorrow may be completely different and you never know what it will bring. All we have is today... while we are still on the brighter side of the grave.


Jabacue said...

Great blog today, Stew! You hit the nail right on the head with this one. We are so involved with everyone else's 'contentment' that we tend to forget our own....and where does that leave us? Nowhere.
Yes, we must love ourselves first, then spread it around.

PhotosbyErich said...

Great points, Stew. Let me encourage you to never give up on your love of Christ...even when others admittedly get annoying and, as you say, push too hard.

It's too bad about the son at his dad's military funeral. You obviously pick up so, so many details by watching people during an "event" that brings out a lot about said people's true thoughts and true nature. We learn a lot from you.

Stew said...

We often hear and see peoples true selves when they are at their lowest points. And funerals generally fall into that catagory. If we are to help people through their sorrow, we must realize where it is coming from and not just assume.
I have never lost my faith. I've been fortunate enough to be able to seperate "church" from God.
As mentioned in a previous post from Columbus, there are churches that accept people where ever they are in life and others that see it more as this is the way it should be and nothing else.

In my buisness, we go into all faiths and help them deal with their losses. We have to be understanding of the differences and respect them all.
I do have my favorite ministers, preachers, priest, or whatever. They are the ones that talk about the person that has past and not just preach to a captive audience.

sophie said... is glorious day in Nova Scotia....You are soooo fortunate to live in a border town....I live 5 hours from Calais Maine and wish, wish, wish I was closer to the good ol' 'USofA'!

I've already entertained my weekend guest,Clancey a Bizon Frisee and have helped Ron cut up wood for the recycling bin and played with 'tuggie' (a double ringed plastic thingie) is my favourite 'going out of control toy'.
I am my self and know what I want and need so I'm listening to your words of wisdom today(with translation by Ron)