Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a little graveside fun

While I've got a new post in the works. You can enjoy the image in your head of Monday's funeral.
Picture 2 dozen Jamaicans graveside with 3 fifths of rum and a drum. Even the priest was dancing. I think the corpse finished off a fifth on his own.


Jabacue said...

Thanks for this. I needed a new image in my head today. Must have been fun, Stew.
You know, there is a book in all your experiences in what you do. I'd read it!

PhotosbyErich said...

What a mental picture, Stew!

When my wife and I visited Jamaica the only time in our lives that we have, we were lucky in that we spent several days among people living as they do rather than simply in a tourist resort where you never leave.

They really had a "no worries" way of thinking -at least those we spent time with. Very, "I've got da sun in the morning, the moon at night. I've got fish in da sea, akee, and other stuff growing on deese trees to eat. No worries mon. Get out the dominoes and let's play em..."

Neat to hear about how the Jamaicans you witnessed celebrate life even when it passes!