Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coffee from Hell

We spent the day in Hell yesterday. Hell, Michigan that is.
Each year for the last nine years, a "car" club meets there for the unofficial kickoff for Halloween.
Most of the hearses are out of service. Many have been customized. Some are in need of repair.

Obviously, ours was the prettiest one. And one of the only two there that are still in service.
After the show and tell, we all lined up for the guiness book of world records. We were going for the longest procession of hearses. Although there is currently no record, They set a standard that we had to have at least 50 hearses. We didn't make it. There were only 45. But we did make the local news and several radio stations for trying.

After the procession, we headed back to Hell to enjoy an ice cream at Screams Ice Cream. Then headed over to Hell's Kitchen for some coffee from Hell.

What other state has a Hell, a Paradise, and of course don't forget Climax. Got to love Michigan.


sophie... said...

This state of yours is a I'm not encouraging any riots just sayin'....Coffee from Hell sounds great...I got to 'gets me' some!

Jabacue said...

Stew you are certainly presenting a 'Michigan' that I never knew existed! What are the people like in that club? Is there a stereotype? Or they all just funny and crazy like you!lol

Stew said...

David wrote:
"you forgot Bliss."

Your so right David. And I forget Christmas as well.

@ Jim -- It's a mixed crowd. Some professional, some "car guys" some "goth types"
It was fun.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I want to go to hell!

- Robyn

Anonymous said...

Had to be an amazing day, thanks for sharing with us!

- Jack