Thursday, September 2, 2010

History and Shiloh

     Here is yet another piece of history from our fair town. This little gem on the south side of town was built in 1918. Originally a "white" community, as the industrial revolution happened and we saw factories popping up everywhere, The promise of good pay for an honest days work attracted many blacks or as they are now known, African Americans to the area. Understandably, in that day and age they stuck together. As the whites built their houses along the river and eventually the lake, this left much of the southern side of town for our black friends. This church has seen the changes in this town and has become the center of the African American population's faith community.

     Working at the funeral home in town that has been around the longest, we have seen our fair share of services in this church. We are definitely happy to serve all of the cities inhabitants. Although there has been black workers at the funeral home in the past, there are currently none working there. So, it's easy to pick out who's working and who's attending the funeral, simply by the color of our skin. I personally think it's great to see the white boys working for the blacks.

     I love to attend these services. Whatever it is that they have going on here, is something wonderful. They really know how to honor the person who has left the community. I say community because that's what it is. They all know and care for each other. And when we are lucky enough to work there, they know our names and are always happy to see us (as happy as one can be at a funeral). They refer to us as "undertakers" which you really don't hear that very much anymore and I find it a little amusing. We always know the end of the service, because the pastor will exclaim "UNTERTAKER PLEASE!" Then we'll go up and do our thing.

    It's an old church with steep steps and very small inside. It makes maneuvering the casket very tricky. But, they all know that from the start and do whatever needs to be done to make it happen. Even though it's not really set up for doing funerals, it's a nice tribute to have the service in the church that has been the center of their community for some 50-60 years. I have worked here twice in as many weeks. As much as I love to go here, I think that is enough for a while.


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