Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pugsley's big adventure

Pugsley's big vacation.
We usually hire someone to take care of Pugsley when we travel. We decided this year to take a vacation that he could go with us. So we rented a pop-up camper and off we went to a State Park. This is Pugsley's first experience with some bigger waves from Lake Huron.
So far everything is going great. He's a little tired from all the hiking and exploring. There seems to be too many trees for him to pee on. But he's trying.
We thought we were all dead yesterday. We were walking calmly in the woods when we heard a noise behind us. As we turned, we saw not one, but two large black figures running toward us. We are talking bear type large. I quickly put myself between the intruders and Pugsley and Ed was ready with his walking stick.

It turned out that the big black figures were a couple of dogs that wanted to play with Pugsley. One of them was a Newfoundland, the other I'm not sure what it was, but nearly just as large. Soon a lady came running behind them apologizing for not having them on a leash.
 Once our hearts stopped beating so fast, we continued on our hike and everything went fine. Currently, Pugs is sleeping and Ed is off picking up more supplies.
Will have a full report when we return home next week.


AJ-OAKS said...

Pugsley sure looked like he was having loads of fun. And when he rubbed in the sand I had to laugh out loud. Why is dogs just have to do that! Around here it isn't sand but either horse or donkey poo or the occasional raccoon poo!
How wonderful you took Pugsley with you.
The black 'bears' would have put me on gaurd also.
Have fun!

PhotosbyErich said...

Wow! It sounds like Pugsley---and you know I LOVE that name Pugsley for a pooch---really is having a great adventure. Thanks so much for letting us "be there" with vivid stories and video. Aren't dogs great? No one has to remind them to stop and smell the, or to take joy in just sticking your head out of the car once in a while to enjoy the fresh air. We could take some great lessons from our pets.

Dogs truly are "man's best friend." Glad to read that Pugsley gets a vacation.

sophie... said...

Sophie's youngest dad says.....Yes, large dogs that charge through the brush can really take a few years off your life...this happens plenty of times with Sophie and her inquisitive nature. She attracts all types. I've learned to be calm asap or else.