Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pugs gets a vacation

Hey guys! This is Pugsley. My Daddies are off at work. So I thought I'd find out what this little thing on the desk is that they are always playing with. I'm not too good with words or typing so I'll tell you all about my vacation with the pictures that I had my daddies take for me.

This is the camper that they rented for me at our first campsite right on the beach!

At first I chose this bed. Until I realized that the Daddies were on the other bed.

Daddy Stew is my favorite. We do everything together.

We went hiking. The daddies were too slow.

The first night, we got to see a wicked sunset over Lake Huron's Saginaw Bay.

Then we went to Lake Michigan and I climbed sand dunes faster than anyone.
I have four paw drive, ya know.

Daddy said we are going to see a light house!
That's a long walk!

We made it! Now what?

Oh! We have to walk back? Let's take a different route.

Where did the trail go?
At least we found some snacks on the trail.

There was a little hut for us to stop at in the mountains.

And an interdunal pond to cool my tired paws.

That night we saw another sunset! This one over Lake Michigan.

I love my Daddy Eddy too!

I love the wind from the lake in my hair.

More Hiking?! This time in the mountains!
Kewl lake from up here.

I swear, that tree was following us.

This is my new friend.
At least she didn't run away like the squirrels and chipmunks did.

Finally! Home! I slept for a whole day after all the walking.


Anonymous said...

I love it! Great job Pugsley!!

xox's from Texas :)

Gem Webb - ExploretheBruce.com said...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Pugs knows how to have a good time in the great outdoors!

- Jack

Jabacue said...

I keep forgetting that your 'lakes' are like oceans!!!
Nice job Pugsley! You and your dads certainly had a lot of walkin and fun by the looks of things. That's a good boy!

Anonymous said...

Great video, cant wait to see the sequel

- Jerome R.

sophie... said...

So GLAD to see 2 Daddies and their dog blogging...now I have someone I can really relate to.....That State of yours is really enticing...A camper + beaches + trails to walk + Pugsley viewpoint...perfect
OK baby... Pugsley is your name, blogging is your game!

Stew said...

I don't know where he get's these ideas from... Sophie.
But, what the Pugz wants. The Pugz gets.

One SAHD Dude said...

Beautiful shots. I haven't been to Ludington in years. Glad to see the little stone hut is still there.