Sunday, September 5, 2010

A time for change

A note from the Universe on Friday said to me :
"The ease of change, Stew, is directly proportional to one's willingness to reconsider what's best for themselves.

I say let it be easy - Because when change comes, it always means there's something better.

-The Universe"
This couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for me. It seems that change is happening all around me, all at once.
There has been people in our neighborhood that made the difficult decision to leave their home and move to Tennessee. And the Assistant Manager at the store that I work at was given his own store, thus bringing us a new assistant. And finally, a long time friend and the owner of one of the funeral homes that I work for made the decision to retire. Which makes his son the new "man in charge" and there's a new second in command there as well.
While I had no complaints with any of the past, I am looking forward to "what's next?" A positive attitude is the first step. I am truly excited for the new management position for my co-worker and for the retirement of a much deserving and still quite young man. It has also opened up new possibilities for two more people. So I can see no faults to any of this. The neighbors will be missed, however I may like the new neighbors even more. We'll see.
Life is full of surprises. And I believe that they are all good ones. I know that the friendships that have been forged will continue and there are new ones to be made. So as the temperature outside plummets and the leaves start to change color, so does life's colors, and beautiful colors they are. I welcome it with open arms and anticipation for the next step.


JustinO'Shea said...

Aint that the way, though! hehe When we get things all nice n cozy stuff begins to happen and we find ourselves in the growth mobile once again waiting to see how things will be, what we will need to do to adjust and fit in better.

LIFE is always about "becoming newer", better honed into the present momnent and thus freer than we were before. . .and sometimes the process 'hurts'. . . .justin

Stew said...

I have never shyed away from change. Love it. I used to move 2 or 3 times a year. Can't believe I've been in the same house for 16 years! At least my income sources have changed many times over those years, so I don't go crazy.

AJ-OAKS said...

Seems change is in the air. Have some changes going on here too. I admire your positive attitude. Like you I take the positive side of things. Negativity takes way too much energy and makes one feel awful and icky.