Friday, January 21, 2011

Staying Positive

How do I stay positive?
By surrounding myself everyday with positive images and sounds. I simply choose to not accept any drama into my personal space. If someone else has an issue that they are dealing with, I can sympathize, but I don't make it my own.
Even in the funeral business, we must deal with the facts in front of us. But, what we must remember is that, the people that are still alive, must go on. We each have our own lives. We each have a legacy to leave.
As the poem goes, How will you spend your dash? (Between the dates on your headstone)
Every day "the score" is even. Every second, in fact.Everyone lives each day for him or herself, no matter what they did.
No one owes anything to anyone, no matter what happened.
And from this, what I hope you most get, is that whatever you do next, you do it for the joy it brings you.

And doing this, just watch how popular you become. Not that you will care.


Jim said...

Good lesson to learn Stew.....we have to stop trying to please everyone else before we even consider ourselves. Some think this is a selfish act, but it isn't.

AJ-OAKS said...

Well said! Negativity uses way too much energy. Positive is the way to go. Hugs.