Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Fireworks

 It was an oddly warm night, this past New Years Eve. About 45 f. All the snow that has been lingering around for 3 weeks, seemed to disappear in an instant. We got some rain earlier in the day, which help to chase away the snow that was piled by the side of the roads. The town next to where we live has an annual fireworks display on New Years Eve. But we didn't make any big plans to attend or invite many friends because the weather man in Detroit said it would rain all night. Long about 8pm, we noticed that the rain clouds were missing us and decided to go out after all.

At first it didn't seem like there was going to be much of a turn out. Yeah, the bars were full and the local diners were open. But over all, not a lot going on in town. So we wandered around for a while enjoying the warm winter air. We found ourselves a spot under the clock tower in the center of town (just in case it did decide to rain) and waited and watched as the crowd started to filter in.

They had live entertainment on a stage that was set up in front of the courthouse. Our good friend that went with us, couldn't help himself from dancing in the street with a few teen age girls and the random drunk lady that had stumbled out of one of the bars.

As the clock above us counted down the remaining minutes of 2010, the streets began to fill with people of every age and background. The diner across from the courthouse had a line out the door. Each person waiting for their very own box of sliders and fries. A stand set up selling hot cocoa and coffee was a very popular place as well.  

Here we are gathered under the clock tower a few minutes before midnight. At this point, all the bars were empty and the streets were packed.

Then the music stopped pumping from the large speakers on the side of the stage and the crowd started the countdown of the last ten seconds before 2011. At the strike of midnight, the fireworks started. It was about a fifteen minute show that lit up the night sky above sleepy Mount Clemens, Michigan.
It was a great way to spend the first few minutes of the new year with my husband and good friend. After the party in the streets, we headed home to toast and welcome the new year. As I poured myself a nice glass of wine, I heard the rain start to hit the windows in the sun room. What perfect timing.


Hesta Nesta said...

Sounds like the perfect way to see in the New Year. Have a very Happy New Year both of you, let's hope it's a great one.
Jo xx

Jabacue said...

Lucky with the rain,Stew! All the best to you two guys for 2011!